Author: Gilead Reiki

Reiki Master & Independent Teacher, Psychic, I read Tarot Cards and I’m an Avid reader/writer, Interpreter, Medical Professional and Small Business Owner. Balms of Gilead handcrafts all natural skin care products, and A Touch of a Gilead is the Spiritual aspects of life and business for us! I also manage several social media pages, I’m an amateur Bee Keeper, love anything to do with politics, religion, spirituality and Virology/Immunology. Live with my husband and our dog in a cozy apartment, blogging and sharing my adventure and wisdom (mostly learned the hard way) is the newest part of my journey! (I also off classes, workshops and private mentor work on a variety of topics) Check us out on Facebook @balmsofgilead & @atouchofgilead for more information about the products and services I offer!

The Spirit of Life within Us All

Energy work done with this element tends to be about finding ourselves, guidance, healing our spirit or contacting Guides, Higher Powers and/or the Ancestors. When working with Spirit it tends to be “bigger picture” things.
Its reaction speed relies on our balance, the strength of our intention & conviction as well as how open and ready we are to receive it!