About Me, The Author

My name is John, I live with my husband in Southington, CT and I am currently working on a Ministerial Program.
I am a Reiki Master & spend a lot of time in contact with my Guides and Ancestors, a skill I have spent the better part of two decades learning to do.

I am also an Empath (meaning I pick up on the energies and emotions of those around me) & a Seer, a talent that gives me a glimpses into the ever changing Future. 

These are some of the skills and gifts I bring with me to the table when I perform Reiki, turning every healing into a miniature reading, transforming every Tarot reading (even the most basic spread) into a message from the Other Side; further enhancing the messages I receive for you.

For over a decade I have also been a Medical Professional in various capacities, most recently teaching about HIV education & awareness.

A Touch of Gilead is the sister business to Balms of Gilead, the two small businesses I own. Promoting health, wellness, beauty, and balance in life is my goal and mission.
Blogging is the newest piece of my adventure (along with owning bees)

With this new platform I am hoping to expand my Reiki Practice, share my knowledge, and use this newest platform to help others transform their lives into something absolutely incredible!