April’s Full Pink Moon and Mercury in Aries

Today I am going to briefly discuss the upcoming Full Moon, since The Moon was a card of the day. For more on that check out my Facebook Page!

The Full Moon in Libra

Friday, April 19th, is the next Full Moon and will be called the Pink Moon.

The Pink Moon is also called the Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and/or the Fish Moon. Named as such as its the First Full Moon of Spring, when the grass really starts to grow and we have Easter.

April’s Full Pink Moon will reach its peak fullness at 7:12 am

This Full Moon will be in Libra and Uranus, which means we will be very impulsive, restless & crave change and excitement.

Combine this with the beginning of Mercury in Aries and this is going to be a very crazy day. The most full-moon of Full Moons all year as far as behaviors go.

We’re going to want to find a creative and healthy outlet for these impulses, before we find ourselves feeling trapped and helpless or acting crazy!

Remember that we cannot grow without changing, so make the most of this energy and this time – as I said in my readings on the Facebook page lately, this is a time to go beyond comfort zones and let yourself shine.

The card of the day today is the Moon, so we can really and truly expect some good opportunities Friday, if we have the right perspective and expectations going into it.

Mercury in Aries

As of today Mercury is leaving Pisces and entering Aries.

Mercury rules communication, as we have discussed many times now, it also rules information and expression.

It was just in Pisces, where we had the emotional Retrograde in February, nut now it transitions into Aries, beginning a new journey for itself.

Aries is a bit of a rocky sign for Mercury, but a bit easier for us to handle than the murky depths of the emotional storm in Pisces.

Being the Cardinal Fire Sign, Aries is impulsive, spontaneous, brave and confident. Mercury is an Air Sign, so it enhances that Fire and makes for quick thinking, bold ideas and highly impulsive words and actions.

We will really start to see things come together for us in this time, that “missing piece” will become very clear to our newly enabled minds. However, we must bear in mind that this could also put out minds on overload or give us anxiety.

Aries is an “act first, ask questions never” sign, so much like a Retrograde we will need to be careful of our tongues in this time.

How this will Affect the Signs

Remember to read not just your Sun Sign, but also your Moon Sign for this – especially since it’s a Full Moon horoscope we’re discussing!


Unexpected changes, the kind that bring Freedom, will be big for Aries in this season. As Aries ends Saturday we are still in our element, and the Full Moon and Mercury in Aries will seriously enhance our natural tendencies.

Try to live in the moment and not look too far into the future, but remember that your words and actions have consequences too!


Taurus will be extremely restless, more than the rest of the Signs. Figuring out how to deal with this will be a key element for you and your growth right now.

Focus on your internal life and what your true growth come to pass!


This will be a rough patch for you, and unfortunately the only way out is through, so grit your teeth and deal with what comes your way.

The best advice you can be given at this time is the least helpful, especially for a Gemini; this is a lesson you must learn in life – that you can’t always get what you want of have it your way.


The big advice for Cancer is not to let small things turn into big problems. You need to deal with things that are happening now, and be a bit more direct than normal, don’t let people walk all over you.

Remember to be your truest self, but also to be gentle and compassionate in this time.


Independence is your theme here, either feeling a renewed sense of it or suddenly craving it.

It will be important for you to remember and especially to feel that you are your own person right now. But you must also remember that you’re not alone on this planet and don’t try to do everything yourself.


Balance is your key for the Full Moon.

You will feel out of balance, both internally and externally. It will be your job to try to correct this, but also to remember it is temporary and not to go overboard in the pursuit of this endeavor.


You need to do what you need to do. But bear in mind that the ends does not justify the means here.

Make sure your actions and intentions are fully aligned, and if they’re not then this Full Moon will be the perfect time to adjust them. If they are then it will be the perfect time to begin acting on them.


Self-care, not self-medicating, is your goal right now.

You need to identify unhealthy coping mechanisms you have going on or have developed, then begin to change them. Scorpio need to focus more on long-term future happiness at this time, and less on instant gratification or taking the east way out of a problem.


Fine tune your current path, the one you started on the New Moon that happened April 5th.

History will continue to repeat itself for you until you learn the proper lessons and change your course accordingly.


Have any unresolved issues? Well they’re about to make a comeback for you.

You have two choices right now Capricorn, deal with it or let it go. Either way it must be final, or you’ll just be creating a bigger mess for yourself.


For the Aquarius this will be a very inspired time. So follow your inspiration where it leads you.

You don’t need to finish anything or have a destination/goal in mind, just go with the creative flow of the energy.


Transformation is coming. If you’ve been working on making changes in life then you’ll enjoy this energy.

You’ve most likely been fighting this, at least on some level, and putting up resistance to it. If you have then you’re in for an awakening – it’s coming anyways.

~John Sipper


2 thoughts on “April’s Full Pink Moon and Mercury in Aries

    1. Should be fixed, that’s what I get for writing them while watching GoT haha
      I go through and list all the signs first so I get them all, and I was looking at Gemini while I wrote Cancer and watched HBO.
      Thank you!


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