The Deal with this Week.

Alright guys, here’s the deal, this week and next week are absolutely crazy in my life, so my posts are going to be shorter, probably a little more personal too.

Saturday I participated in a big Psychic Fair, and apparently I did well since I am blowing up with appointments for the next few weeks now which is great for business, but not so great for the time involved in writing.

I also met an incredible woman name Mary, who is a very talented animal communicator; she’s coming over tomorrow so we can discuss the option of cross-training each other and forming a co-op, so there won’t be a post tomorrow at all.

Then on Friday I will be in Boston with a friend, so no post that day either.

It’s one of the last visits for a Vaccine Trial I am participating in, but my friend has also been having a terrible time lately, so we’re making a day of it. Normally I write the blog in the car that day, as my Husband drives, but I can’t do that since I will be the driver.

If you could all send some energy to Jonathon, his relationship is ending and it’s getting very ugly. It’s also leaving him with nothing and nowhere to go, so he needs all the help he can get. Thank you all in advance!

Ministerial Studies are also getting very intense right now, so a lot of my focus has been on that, and really upping my Meditation work so I can keep up with the studies and all the Readings and new endeavors.

On top of all of this a friend and I are working on a really cool idea, at least we think it’s a really cool idea anyways, more to come on that later – we don’t want to jinx it right now.

Gonna admit, being kind of lazy today, outlining my week my week to you guys; but I’m also putting together the material I need for my upcoming Reiki class, outlining a new curriculum for a program I am developing and doing Readings for clients around my writing today.

I have to say, I do thoroughly enjoy what I do for work and getting to give people Spiritual Counseling and Healing via the Cards, Reiki, Akashic Records and Mediumship. Just makes it hard to get writing and housework done with all the new business, not that I am complaining…

And I am beyond excited to be working with some truly amazing Ladies with this new step in my life to advance myself and my gifts, and help them do the same.

This week’s post (Wednesday and Thursday) will be mostly dedicated to some of the Reiki information I haven’t discussed yet, since that is my next upcoming class and a big key component to everything going on in my life right now.

We also have the Full Moon on Friday and transition into Taurus this week as well, so I am going to try to touch on those topics too! I am going to say that I have these plans, but I make no promises it’s actually going to happen, just gonna have to stay tuned and see!

I hope you all have a blessed and tremendous week, stay tuned for some information on Reiki and please go check out my Facebook Page,

On top of a Monthly and Weekly Reading I draw cards Daily for guidance. You can also book appointments with me there, and keep up on our Events and where I will be this Summer!

If you have any questions about anything, you can reach me on Facebook as well, or via email at

~John William


2 thoughts on “The Deal with this Week.

  1. Sending lots of healing and relaxation energies to you – great job on your psychic fair and success!
    Look forward to reading more soon 🙂

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