An Introduction to Mabon

Mabon is the Autumnal Equinox, and is celebrated near the end of September, usually between the 21st – 23rd.

On this day, as at Spring Equinox, Night and Day are Equal. This Holiday, much like Ostara, is about Harmony and Balance.

While Ostara is about things returning to Life, Mabon is the Reflection of this, as we prepare for the Death of Nature and Mother Earth.

This Sabbat is named for the Welsh Harvest God, who was the Sacred Son of Modron, The Great Mother.

Mabon is also known as Harvest Home, Kirn Feast, Mell Day, Ingathering, and Harvest’s Height.

On this Day we celebrate and commemorate the Ritual Sacrifice of the Green Man and his descent into the Underworld.

At this Harvest, which is the last one we have for the Year, we save our Seeds for next year’s crop. It is our last chance to make sure we are ready for Winter.

The God

Mabon, whom the Festival is named after, is a primary God of the Sabbat.

As the Earth is winding down at this time the God is aged, and preparing for the time in which his last aspect will die at Samhain.

Thoth, Thor, Hermes and the Green Man are also recognized regularly in this Celebration.

The Goddess

Persephone is a big Goddess to be celebrated at this time, as it also represents her descent into the Underworld to be with Hades.

She will return to us at the Vernal Equinox, bringing back Spring in her wake

Other Goddess Celebrated in this Sabbat are Modron, Morgan, Epona, and the Muses.

Knowledge of the Day

The Name

The Druid’s call this Festival Mea’n fo’mhair, and honor the Green Man on this Day by making offerings to the Trees.

In Latvia this Harvest Festival is called “Vela Laiks” which means “Time of the Dead”

The Cornucopia

This symbols is about wealth, prosperity and and bounty. It is both Male and Female, since it is both Hollow like a Womb but Phallic in Nature.

As it has a dual nature in appearance and represents the bounty of a good harvest, what we need to get through winter, it is perfect for this Sabbat.

The Apple

The Apple is harvested around this time, which is the principal reason it is a symbol of Mabon.

However, the apple also signifies immortality, life, healing, renewal, regeneration and wholeness. It represents the journey the Green Man and Persephone make through the Underworld.

The Bay Tree

The Bay Tree is Sacred to Mabon.

Bay Trees symbolize Preservation, which is really what this Sabbat is all about, making sure we are preserved through the Winter months ahead.

It is common for things to be made of this wood to be used is this Festival, asking for the blessing of the Deities involved to make sure we survive the Earth’s trip through the Underworld as well as them!

More on Mabon

During Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox, we pay our respects to the impending Dark Times. As the Year is winding down, we make ready for a time of Rest, Relaxation and Reflection.

Mabon is a time of the Second Harvest, of Final Preparations for Winter. The next holiday after this is Samhain, which is the final Feast of the Dead, which we start here at Mabon.

In Many parts of the World, Mabon is also the Grape Harvest!

It is from this Second Harvest that England and America get their concepts of Thanksgiving from. While America has a much later Second Harvest, and celebrates the day in November, the concepts of what it is all about are the same.

~John William


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