The New Moon in Aries

Taking a break today from the regular scheduled posts today to talk about the New Moon on Friday, April 5th.

Since I am going to discuss a few things in this post it will appear a little bit longer. This is mainly due to the fact that I am covering what the New Moon energy will mean for each sign.

Feel free to just scroll down and find your Sun Sign and read that, but as it’s a New Moon it would be more appropriate to read your Moon Sign, which you can find here!

The New Moon

By now we should all know what a New Moon means, as I have discussed several of them by now. We have also discussed what the Lunar Phases mean in my Supermoon posts, so you can always go back and read those as well.

For those of you, however, who are just joining us let’s give a quick overview of a New Moon.

New Moon’s are when the Moon appears to be gone from the sky, the night is dark, it is the end of the Waning Cycle that started at the Apex of the Full Moon. From here the Moon will begin it’s Waxing Cycle and build back up to a Full Moon.

Waning phases are great for banishing the things that are no longer serving us in life, culminating with the New Moon’s power. Friday will be the perfect night to banish that which is no longer necessary; which has been a big part of my readings lately, as well as the Astrological events going on.

Since it begins to build after this night it is also a great time to start calling in the good things to fill the void we create. Remember we need to make room in our lives for the blessings we are about to receive from the Universe.

As I discuss the “New Moon Season” remember that extends from April 5th to the next New Moon, on May 18th!

In Aries

Aries is defined by New Beginnings, as it is the start of the Zodiac, courage and love. It is about transitioning into a new phase of life, and charging yourself with energy!

This is the first New Moon of Spring, and promises to bring the fullness of energy shifts that are associated with a New Moon.

The New Moon in Aries will be a big push for us to be bold, shed out weaknesses and evolve into a stronger person, an improved version of ourselves. Now is not a time to be timid, weak or afraid, instead go for what you want and don’t doubt yourself or hold yourself back!

It will have a varied effect on each Zodiac Sign, so let’s briefly discuss that


This is our season, so you will truly feel a nice burst of energy and power here! Everything is possible for us right now, the energy of Aries, the Moon and Mars being strong for us.

Right now we are truly unstoppable, so long as we keep ourselves going. But you must also challenge yourself to do the self-care you have been neglecting lately.

Only you know what you need, but don’t be afraid or hesitant to take care of yourself at this time!


For Taurus this energy will be about working harder on our thoughts, structuring ourselves and getting rid of any thoughts that hold you down or back.

You will find the answers you’re looking for in this time frame, but you must abandon your fears and push forward!

Whatever you have been avoiding, now is the time to face it head one, but also give yourself the time and space you need.


The energy from the New Moon in Aries will be very harmonious for you, empowering you and your Will and Ego.

You will be shown the people in your life who will be key to your success. For Gemini this will be another big push to sort through the things and people in your life, & decide what and who needs to go.

The hang-up to this is that you can’t take the easy way out here, there is some hard work and heavy lifting to be done.


In the next few months you can expect a lot of rewards, but only after going through an arduous phase with this New Moon.

However, you will also receive a burst of new ideas in this Phase, impacting all of your projects at this time, so tap into the energy and enjoy the ride! This will also come with a burst of all things new, so get out there and do something outside your comfort zone and/or with new people!


This New Moon, for Leo, will be a great time to buckle down. Anything you’re working on or studying will benefit greatly from this energy.

If you have been feeling lethargic, now will be the perfect time to do something fun and unique, bring the excitement back into your life.

Make sure you use this energy wisely, namely, don’t spend it being reactionary. Reactions don’t and won’t solve or advance anything, they just make issues more life-consuming!


In the New Moon Virgo will experience a very soothing energy, anxieties and tensions being dissolved and eroded.

Take a break, relax and enjoy yourself; you have definitely earned the right to take some time off and recuperate!

Spend this time in meditation and reflection, don’t get caught up in the small or everyday details. Dig deeper, and explore the world inside of you.


Now is a time to exert your independence, preserve the important parts and pieces, then drop the rest.

This will provide exciting new opportunities to you, so really analyze your goals right now. During this time it will be very important to acknowledge and accept your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

You may feel like something is missing at this time, explore that feeling. It may not be anything revolutionary, but something that just breaks the boredom.


For Scorpio this New Moon Season will be a push to work even harder for what you want. The Moon will truly strengthen your energy and plans.

There will be a lot of luck here for you, but remember that luck can go either way, good or bad. Make sure you’re really analyzing this transit, get the answers you need and move forward.

You are going to feel social in this time, so spend it with friends. For those of you who are not feeling that pull, put in the extra effort and don’t isolate yourself right now!


You will feel a very strong need to spend time with friends & family, relaxing after the challenges you have experienced up until now.

This New Moon will help you set some solid foundations to achieve your goals and pending plans. It will be a very optimistic energy for you, which is exactly what you need to overcome mistakes and perceived failures.

Live your truth during this cycle, be eccentric and do whatever it takes to feel alive, take off your shoes and feel the earth!


You have been working hard up until now, perhaps even too hard. Take this Season to enjoy yourself and do something pleasant.

With all this hard work you have put in you may experience career turmoil, but the breakthrough is near, so don’t caught up in this fleeting feeling!

Pure motivation will be granted to you in this phase, but you should really be focusing on your health. Don’t run yourself down or ragged any longer. Many of you have been feeling very drained and ready to give up, don’t do it, this is your homestretch!


If you are an Aquarius you will be extra receptive to information in this time, and your thoughts will really shine now. It will be a good time to work on something creative for you!

Make sure to socialize, but keep your values close to your heart.

If you’re looking to make changes in your life right now, then the answer is in your daily routine. Make small changes, certainly don’t overwhelm yourself.


Depending on where you fall in the Pisces spectrum you either are on an extreme high or extreme low after that last Retrograde. This New Moon will be perfect to ground and center you.

Use this time to take better care of yourself, and the people who truly appreciate you. The energy of this Moon will grant you a deeper understanding and fill you with confidence!

A great way to provide self-care right now is to break your routine, do something completely off the wall and different.

This New Moon in Aries is also a perfect time to do the Zodiac Meditation with you Sun and Moon Signs, balance out these energies and get the full effect of the Lunar Cycle!

~John William


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