Introduction to Ostara and the Vernal Equinox

As I covered this earlier, in my blog about Ostara and the Vernal Equinox, there won’t be as much to cover today as there will be for the rest of this week and next.

Ostara, also spelled Eostre or Eostara, is also known as “Springs Height”

This Sabbat celebrates the Vernal (Spring) Equinox, which always occurs right around March 21st, coinciding with the First Day of Spring and Aries.

It is the New Year on the Zodiac Calendar.

It is named for the Goddess Eostre, Goddess of Spring and Rebirth.

Eostre, means “Eastern Star” which is a reference to the Planet Venus

The Female estrus cycle also comes from her name.

The themes of Ostara are Spring, Rebirth, New Life, New Cycles, Dawn and Fertility. Some of the many Goddesses celebrated in this Ritual are Ishtar, Astarte, Ashera, Inanna, Aphrodite and Venus.

Ostara is when Persephone returns from her six-month trip to the Underworld.

It is on this Holiday that Mother Earth bears two sets of children, two sets of “holy twins”; the Green Man and Maiden, & the Red Man and Maiden.

Ostara is a time for planning, planting and nurturing.

Take stock of all you have from over the winter, and everything that happened during the Dark Time of the Year, and decide what needs to be kept and what needs to be cleared out.

As we celebrate the awakening of the Earth we plan for our First Harvest to come and set the stage for where we want our Year to go!

~John William


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