Advancing the Rainbow, a Meditation to Enhance your Chakras

A few weeks ago I gave a meditation to open your Chakras and begin crafting a connection with them. They are like muscles, so the more you work with them the stronger they will be & the more they can do for you.

By now you have a lot of information about the Chakras, what they mean and what is associated with them, what they can do & and what you can do with them.

Hopefully you were practicing that meditation, reading the blogs and becoming competent and familiar with your chakras up until now!

As you did in the previous meditation, you will be going through each Chakra again, starting with the Root. As you go along, you open each one further.

In the First Meditation you open each one to the corresponding color of the Rainbow. This one will be the same concept, but with a key difference to it; so you sit, uncross and get comfortable!

To Start

Begin, as always, be getting comfortable and focus on your breath.

Breath, Relax, let all the stress flow from your body.

All worries, anxieties and negativity flows out of you – fill yourself up with white light.

Remember that this is Sacred Space, you are Safe and surrounded by your Guides & Ancestors, you are surrounded in Love and Peace.

Using the meditation above, open your chakras, let the energy flow and hold the visualization and meditation for a few minutes.

Once you feel that you have fully opened all of your Charkras, you begin this second part of the meditation, that takes them deeper.

Now as you back through, starting at the Root, you change the color of each Chakra to White; holding on to each Chakra as you go.

When you start you will have 7 orbs of color, corresponding to the Rainbow – Red on the Bottom and Violet on top. As you begin changing them in the Root, that will become White, but the ones above it stay in color; as you get to the Sacral and change that to White the ones above it stay in color but the Root remains White as well – and so on until all 7 are White.

When you get to the point where you have all your Chakras as White, hold this new visualization for as long as you can and are comfortable.

This opens your Chakras to a whole new level and allows you to have an even deeper connection with them. It will greatly enhance your energy work and power base to work with.

Remember, when you are done, to close your chakras back down as well.

~John William

This is a meditation I have been using, with great success, for a long time now. It is the Second in a series of Three, all designed to open your Chakras further and make them stronger.

When you practice these meditations regularly, you will be amazed at how much stronger your Energy Work becomes; how much more you can accomplish and the new level your Practices and Spirituality will become.


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