Advancing Our Chakras, Our Heart & Our Soul

Monday I wrote about the Earth Star Chakra, Tuesday was about the correspondences of the Lower Chakras, yesterday was the Upper Chakras; Today is the Heart and Soul Star Chakras!

Tomorrow’s meditation is an advancement of the one from a few weeks ago where we learned to open and close our Chakras. Hopefully you have been practicing that one, and start practicing this one as well – it’s the Second of Three such meditations.


The Heart Chakra is the center of our bodies Universe, it regulates the flow of all energy between the Upper & Lower Chakras. It is Pink and Green, showing that it regulates what we receive as well as what we express!

Here sits the ability to Heal, Hold and Help the entire Planet and Universe; Compassion for all people in all places across all time.


This Chakra is ruled over by the Goddesses Aine, Hera, Ishtar and Quan Yin.

These Goddesses, together, encompass all aspects, dimensions and faces of Love and the Feminine Energy Anahata holds. They each represent some aspect of Water, which is also Feminine.

Quan Yin holds the Chalice of Healing, which she continuously pours out on us, it helps us Heal, Refresh and Renew ourselves and our energy.
Hera is about the Unconditional Love a Mother has for her Child.
Ishtar teaches us to balance Receptive and Expressive Love, as well as to keep the forces of Love in Balance in our Lives.
Aine is about the Cycles of Love and Life, teaching us about Integrating Love into all aspects of who and what we are.

In the Lakota Medicine Wheel Water is the direction West and about Healing as well!

Aine is the Celtic Goddess of Wealth, Love, and Sovereignty of Personal Integrity. She is a Goddess of both the Moon and the Sun, and thus regulates Time, attracting New Love and helping us ease Suffering.
Hera is the Greek Goddess, who was a loyal and dutiful wife to Zeus, Queen of the Home and Mother of Heroes.
Ishtar is a Sumerian Goddess who reveals the Creative and Destructive powers of Love.
Quan Yin is the Bodhisattva of Pure Compassion, Divine Mercy, Feminine Energy and Grace.

The Heart Chakra regulates the flow of Energy in our body, but it is also the Source of our Salvation. Anahata is also a main source of Healing for us, for ourselves as well as others. Since Love is the strongest magic of all it’s also a Wellspring of Magical Power in our Lives!

These Goddess teach us the Lesson about always showing Compassion, and Loving ourselves as well as allowing ourselves to be loved. They shower us in Blessings that they ask us to show and share with the World!


Gemstones connected to Anahata are Chrysopase, Girasol, Idocrase, Mangano Calcite, Pink Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz and Ruby.

Herbs connected to Anahata are Bergamot, Black Spruce, Cacao, Cardamom, Cilantro, Hawthorn Berries, Jasmine, Lavender, Marjoram, Palmarosa, Parsley, Rose and Thyme.

The Major Arcana Card that goes with the Heart Chakra is The Lovers and its Runes are Ingwaz and Kenaz.

Anahata’s ruling Planet is Venus

Anahata, the Twelve Leaf Lotus Flower


This Chakra is our Portal to other dimensions, and Spiritual Development. It is a Wellspring of Inspiration and Courage for our Soul.
Along with the Earth Star Chakra, this is a huge source of power for Manifestation, Channeling and Holding Energy.

Sutara is a Sanskrit word and it means “Holy Star

This name reflects the Etheric Energies the reside in this Chakra, which exist outside the rest of the Chakra System.

The Soul Star Chakra allows us to experience the Universe outside of Time. Since we can experience the Past, Present and Future here it represents Supreme Enlightenment and the end of Ignorance.

Sutara is about Expanding and Enhancing our Awareness and Integrating this knowledge for our Highest Good.


This Chakra is ruled over by the White Buffalo Calf Woman, Asherash and Blessed Mother Mary.

All three of these Goddesses embody the Soul Star, the Purest Essence of Divinity and Divine Love as manifested on Earth in Human Form. They are Ascended Masters who Transcend the Worlds of the Living and the Dead to teach us Wisdom, Love and Light.

White animals are Sacred to and Representative of these Goddesses, especially Doves and Buffalo.

White Buffalo Calf Woman hails from the Lakota Tradition and was their most influential figure, responsible for our Well-Being and Enlightenment.
Asherash is the Semitic and Akkadian High Queen of Heaven, Consort of the Highest God.
Blessed Mother Mary is the Christian Queen of Heaven and the Universe, Mother of All and Queen of Love, Wisdom, Mercy and Peace.

White Buffalo Calf Woman taught the Lakota methods to ensure their Well-Being and Manifest Abundance; She taught them Sacred ways of Praying and Holding Space. Buffalo are Sacred to the Lakota People, and she also taught them many Sacred Ceremonies, so the White Buffalo symbolizes Safety and Blessings.

Mother Mary gave birth to the Savior, sacrificing much in her life to bring Salvation and Enlightenment into the World for all Mankind. She is the absolute Embodiment of Universal, Unconditional and Pure Motherly Love. Blessed Mother Mary is a Perfect Union between the Highest Spirit of God and Humanity; she represents the Perfect Unity of the Divine and Mankind.

Asherash is the Goddess of Motherhood and the Lady of the Sea. She is always the Consort of the Highest God and so is always the Highest Queen, like Mother Mary. Asherash seeks to share her Supreme Divinity, Enlightenment, Love and Perfect with all Creation.

The Lesson they teach us is about Ascension, and connecting with Higher Consciousness and Universal Love and Compassion. Part of this lesson is learning the Ceremony behind establishing this connection.


Gemstones connected to Sutara are Danburite, Diamond, Herderite, Herkimer Diamond, Moldavite, Optical Calcite, Rainbow Moonstone, and Scolecite.

Herbs connected to Sutara are Anise, Basil, Davana, Elemi, Gardenia, Red Myrtle, Tuberose and White Lotus.

The Major Arcana cards that goes with the Soul Star are Temperance and The Star and its Runes are Dagaz and Eihwhaz.

The ruling Planet of Sutara are the North and South Lunar Nodes

Lotus Flowers symbolize Purity, Love and Enlightenment
They are among the most powerful Symbols, especially among Flowers.

Lunar Nodes

Lunar Nodes are the two points where the Moon’s Orbital Path crosses the ecliptic, which is the Sun’s yearly path on the Celestial Sphere, which is it’s projected path.

From Sunrise to Sunset the Sun traces a path in the Sky; the Moon does the same when it appears and disappears, relative to the horizon.
The two points which the Lunar Path and Solar Paths cross are the Nodes.

The Lunar Nodes are not planets, but they are very important pieces of our Natal Charts.

They are on an Axis and always opposite each other, and represent Balance.

Since they are opposite, the Signs of the Nodes are always opposite; Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio, Gemini/Sagittarius, Cancer/Capricorn, Leo/Aquarius, and Virgo/Pisces.
The Nodes will fall into the Houses of a Birth Chart, which of course will also be opposite.

The North Node, also known as the True Node, is your Karmic Direction in this Lifetime, the House it falls in on your Natal Chart will tell you what area of your life the Karma will take place in.
It points its way to your Destiny, your Soul’s purpose.

They North Node, also called the True Node is referred to as the Dragon’s Head and the South Node as the Dragon’s Tail which corresponds withe Ouroboros, which I will discuss at a late date.

Sorry if these blogs weren’t the most captivating thing in the world, and that were kind of long, but the extra layer of information is going to be incredibly helpful with tomorrow’s meditation and your work with the Chakras.

Part of my Ministerial Path, along with a big focus on Divination, is Education & Healing. The Path I chose is very big on Energy Work, using advanced methods to produce stronger and more effective work; I am just passing on as much of that as I can with these posts!

~John William


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