Advancing Our Chakras, Elevating Our Awareness

Monday we discussed the Earth Star Chakra, and yesterday we delved deeper into information about the Lower Chakras.

Correspondences to the Upper Chakras

Today I am going to go further into the Upper Chakras, then tomorrow I will go deeper into the Heart and Soul Star Chakras.


Our Throat Chakra is where we Speak from, our foundation of Truth – where we articulate thoughts and ideas from.

The Throat Chakra is now how you communicate, but rather what you communicate, your Truth and Deepest Wisdom; although the Physical how also is seated here, in your Adam’s Apple.

Interesting side note to Vishuddha, as an Interpreter for the Deaf my Palm Chakras also tend to be the same blue, as for me they are an extension of this Chakra when I work or Sign.


This Chakra is ruled over by the Goddesses Aletheia and Veritas.

Veritas is from the Roman Pantheon, she is the Daughter of Chronos and the Goddess of past, present and future Truth, her name literally means “truth”
Aletheia is the Greek Goddess of Truth and Remembrance, her name literally means “not hiding”.
The two Goddesses are counterparts to one another.

The Goddess Veritas has access to All Truth, she sees what lies ahead and clarifies what lies behind.
Aletheia reflects all things inside us that need Liberation, she sees the abstract & figurative – your truth – as opposed to Veritas seeing the literal Universal Truth.

The lesson they give us is balancing of your truth & Universal Truth, they teach us of the Sacred bond between the Throat & Third Eye Chakras


Gemstones connected to Vishuddha are Amazonite, Angelite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Celestite, and Turqouise.

Herbs connected to Vishudda are Bay Laurel, Blackberry, Blue Chamomile, Blue Yarrow, Coltsfoot, Common Sage, Elderberry, Eucalyptus, Fir Balsam, Geranium, Lemongrass, Petitgrain, and Peru Balsam.

The Major Arcana Cards in the Tarot that goes with the Throat Chakra are Justice and Judgement, and it’s Rune is Ansuz.

Vishudda’s ruling Planet is Mercury

Vishuddha, the Sixteen Petal Lotus Flower



This Chakra is watched over by the Goddesses Pythia, Circe and Hecate

Pythia, Hecate and Circe are the Primary Goddesses of Ajna. They are all considered Goddesses of the Threshold, and the Doorway between the Lands of the Living & the Dead. They exist on the periphery of consciousness and space.

Pythia is the Goddess of the Third Eye, who connects you to Ancestral Wisdom, Channeled Visions, and Inner Understanding.
Circe is the Greek Goddess of Magic, both Light & Dark
Hecate is the Greek Goddess of Transformation and Crossroads.

All three of these Goddess have the power to see the Past, Present and Future as well as walk in all Realms. They urge us to work with our Ancestors, learn from the Past to make a better Future and remain in balance of our Humanity and Divinity.

These Goddesses teach us how to navigate the rocky terrain of Intuition and the Future and lend us much Guidance and Counsel during these workings.


Gemstones connected to Ajna are Azurite, Blue Anventurine, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, and Tanzanite.

Herbs connected to Ajna are Betel Leaf, Blue Lotus, Cypress, Eyebright, Juniper, Mandrake Root, Mugwort, Opoponax and Poppy.

The Major Arcana Card that goes with the Third Eye Chakra is The High Priestess and it’s Rune is Laguz.

Ajna’s ruling Planet is the Moon.

Ajna, the Two Leaf Lotus Flower


The Crown Chakra is our connection to the Divine and our Creator and Higher Powers. It is here we experience Higher Callings and a Deeper Level of Awareness.


Shakti and Quan Yin are the Goddesses who rule over the Crown Chakra.

Shakti is similar to Irene, the Greek Goddess of Peace, and is the Primary Goddess of Sahasrara. Their energy is that of complete goodness and Compassion, filtering out all unwelcome energies, replacing them with Peace, Serenity and Creative Inspiration.

Quan Yin is a Secondary Goddess to the Crown Chakra. She is both a Goddess and an Ascended Master, or Bodhisattva depending on the Tradition. This means she embodies both Human and Divine Qualities, hence why she rules over this Chakra. Perhaps secondary by no less central.

Shakti embodies all the traits of all the Goddesses in every Pantheon, all energies are her energies, reflecting the inclusive nature of this Chakra.
Quan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Divine Mercy and a Bodhisattva of Compassion.

The Crown Chakra is our last Physical Anchor of Spiritual Energy, after here it passes out of the range of our Physical Body. Shakti ensures the proper flow from the Third Eye through the Crown and into the Soul Star.
Similarly Quan Yin continues to pour Blessings and Healing on us through our Crown, to help us Grow, Evolve, and become more closely aligned with the Divine.

The lesson of these Goddesses is about the importance of Compassion, especially in healing, and reminding us of our Connection to all Beings.


Gemstones connected to Sahasrara are Amethyst, Auralite 23, Chariote, Lepidolite, Purple Fluorite, Scapiolite, Selenite, Stitchtite, Sugilite and Super 7.

Herbs connected to Sahasrara are Frangipani, Gotu Kola, Lavender, Palo Santo, Pink Lotus, Spikenard, and St. John’s Wort.

The Major Arcana Card that goes with Sahasrara is The Hermit and it’s Rune is Wunjo.

The ruling Planet of Sahasrara is Jupiter

Sahasrara, the Thousand Leaf Lotus Petal

The mediation I gave on opening our Chakras was a wonderful starting point for working with them. They are like muscles and become stronger & are able to do more for us as we work with them, so this week’s meditation is about opening them to a new level.

Hopefully you have all been practicing that meditation, as this one builds directly off of it, and is intended to make them more effective. Friday will be the second of three meditations on developing our Chakras; I’ll give the third one in a few more weeks, so you will want to practice this one in the meantime.

~John William


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