The Earth Star, Our Ninth Chakra

Several weeks ago I discussed the Chakras in a series of blogs, and then gave us a meditation to work with them after that.

The First post was the Root and Sacral Chakras, second post was the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras, third post covered the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and the fourth & final post discussed the Crown and Soul Chakras.

Today I want to discuss another of the Chakras you don’t hear about very often, the Earth Star Chakra.


Vasundhara is a Sanskrit word meaning “daughter of the Earth”

Whereas the Soul Chakra is several inches above your head, the Earth Star Chakra sits some distance below your feet, it is the lower anchor point of your Hara Line.

Our Star Chakra connects us to the Cosmic Consciousness and our Higher Self, deepening connections experienced through the Crown Chakra; Vasundhara connects us to the Collective Consciousness of Humanity and deepens the connection of our Root Chakra.

An artists rendition of Vasundhara, the Earth Star Chakra

This Chakra connects us to Gaia’s Moral and Immortal Matrix, which is the link that connects all life on Earth and life that has ever been!

The Earth Star Chakra, in Shamanism, connects us to the Lower World; it is the entry point to the labyrinth of time, rock and stone which leads to the center of our planet. This Chakra is the deepest connection we can have to our Physical Realm.

Through this Chakra we are extremely rooted to the Earth, where grounding, transformation, releasing, purification and transmutation happen.

This Chakra allows us to distance and buffer our Physical Body from anything it cannot integrate or assimilate, passing it back to the Earth Mother to be made into some new.

As all Chakras are a certain color, the Meridian Chakras are colored after the Rainbow, The Soul Chakra is Gold or Rose Gold; Vasundhara is Deep Brown or Black.

Associations with The Earth Star

This Chakra is associated with the Goddesses Inanna and Pachamama, the Tarot Card The Hierophant and the Rune Othala.

Our Earth Star Chakra is ruled by the planet Pluto since it is the Underworld, but in the Roman sense of “under the world” rather than the Greek Hades Realm of the Underworld.

Vasundhara corresponds with black peppercorn, ceremonial tobacco, frankincense, galangal root, myrrh, red clover and white sage; also black kyanite, brookite, petrified wood, red jasper, sardonyx, tektite and tibetan quartz.

Other Lessons with Vasundhara

Inanna is an Ancient Sumerian Goddess of Creation and her name means “Lady of the Heavens”.

She is also said to be a Goddess of sex, beauty, love, wealth, war and wisdom. Over time her identity became enmeshed with the Mesopotamian Goddess Ishtar.

Inanna is considered a Primal Goddess, as she covers such a broad scope of energies and qualities, making her perfect for ruling the Earth Star Chakra.

Pachamama, in Quechu, a language of the Andes Region, means “Earth Mother”.

She is the Incan Goddess of growth, fertility and natural disasters. She is the Heartbeat and Life Blood of our planet, always fertile and bearing new life. Pachamama represents the highest evolution of Divine Feminine and is our closest Ally for Shamanic Journey-work, according to the Mesoamerican Tradition.

The Earth Star Chakra is ruled over by the Archetype of “The Mother”, as it is it Gaia’s deepest chambers to which it connects us. It is our connection to the embodiment of Maternal, Familial and Inter-generational Healing.

Through the lessons of these Goddesses we are to understand that the Earth Star Chakra is there to help us integrate all facets of ourselves into the brilliant creation we are meant to be.

Om Mani Padme Hum” which literally translates to “I offer praise to the jewel within the Lotus

This is the Mantra associated with this Vasundhara. It is perhaps one of the most sacred of all Buddhist Mantas; it is said to contain all Buddhist teachings within it; and thus reflects the physical grounding and embodiment of purest compassion.

The Earth Star Chakra also allows us to be in communication with the Fae and Faery Folk, as they live underground!

The Reason the Earth Star is seen as Dark/Deep Brown or Black, is that is representational of all the exists within or below the Earth.

In many traditions, such as Egyptian or Peruvian, view these colors as symbols of Life and Fertility – they are the color of soil you can grow in.

Throughout this week I will be discussing some of additional correspondences of the Chakras; Deities, Herbs & Stones.

I will be building off of the information I gave you earlier, to take you working with the Chakras a step deeper in your life!

~John William


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