Healing Growth; A Garden Path Meditation

Today’s meditation is going to be about making room inside ourselves to grow, and shifting our perspectives to be in sync with our Ancestors, Guides, and Highest Self.

If you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook Page I have been doing a Card of the Day Reading, and they’ve all been about transition & growth; so I thought this would be an appropriate meditation for the week!

This has also been the theme of the Universe itself, which I have been discussing in my Astrology Blogs for a few weeks now.

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To Start

I begin all of my meditations by opening my Chakras, it gives you an added boost of energy for whatever it is you’re doing, and helps the work you do truly enhance and affect your life. Remember to close them down when you are done.

If you feel floaty or out of touch afterwards do a simple grounding technique. This can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish, from eating something or walking around barefoot to another meditation technique or visualization. It helps you be free of unnecessary or excess energies.

Any meditation technique you are comfortable with, that helps you achieve a shift in consciousness, is acceptable to use.

I have used this meditation before, in workshops, rituals and classes. It’s intended to be a guided meditation but I use it myself all the time.

It’s a version of meeting your guides and ancestors, but without communicating with them directly, as that’s an entirely different method of meditation technique.

In this Meditation you are in a Personal Sacred Space, one of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, where only Good things can happen, where Positive Transformation and Healing can take place!

Once You’re Comfortable

Sit. Relax. Uncross and Breath. Get comfortable.

Feel the worries, stress, tension and negativity flow out of you.

Begin by imaging a garden or park. It can be somewhere you’ve been, if you ave a favorite place like this, or one you are imagining for the first time.

Take a minute to really enjoy the beauty of your surroundings. Soak up the Peace and Tranquility here, feel the Harmony and Healing energy around you.

You will notice that there is a small building somewhere nearby.
What does it look like? Take as much time as you wish to become familiar with the structure; the colors or materials.

Go to it, and go inside it’s safe, everything here is safe and blessed.
This place is a Sanctuary for you and you can return here anytime you need to. Become as acquainted with the inside of this place as you wish, it is your Safe Haven.

Once you are inside, feel how Calm you are, Relaxed and completely at Peace with the Universe, in Balance with yourself and your surroundings.

Inside the building is a table, and on the table are several objects.
These are gifts from your Ancestors and Guides.

Go to them, pick them up and examine them.
What are they? How do they make you feel?

Anything that makes you like your vibration is lowering, is representing something they are asking you to get rid of from your life.
Imagine it shrinking away in your hands until it disappears, or turning into dust and blowing away.

The imagery of what they choose is never a mistake or unintentional.
It will be personal to you and them, you may wish to look online to see what something means, but most often it will be obvious and clear to you.

Anything that makes you feel like your vibration is raising represents something they are asking you to cultivate and keep in your life.
Hold it, imagine it glowing with light and becoming warm; when you have made it as warm and bright as possible place it back on the table.

Take as long as you need with each item.
If you are really stuck on understanding something, ask your Guides and Ancestors to make it clear to you what it represents.

Know that this understanding will come, it may be as a dream, or another sign later on; Perhaps the item will change into something you better understand.

Remember to be open to the Guidance you are being given, and that you may not understand everything all at once or right now.
This is a place of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, and only Good Things with Good Intentions can happen here.

This process is very personal, and your Guides know you better than anything or anyone else – always remember that they have only the highest love for you and the best intentions for you & your highest self!

When You are Finished

When you have gone through all the objects on the table, or simply do not wish to continue, you are done with the meditation.

Thank your Guides and your Ancestors for their help. You may even wish to light a candle or leave an offering for them; perhaps a small act of kindness to a stranger to pay it forward.

If you wish to repeat this meditation later you may; you can also ask them for additional signs to help understand what it all means.

They may choose to work with you in your dreams or be more direct, it’s about how they can best reach you – so remember to open to their guidance!

Don’t forget to close your Chakras if that is the method you chose to use!

Some Notes on this Meditation

This place is inside yourself, and the changes you make here reflect that. Working this way can be slow progress, but slow growth has been the theme of the year for me.

If you find there are many objects on the table, you can repeat the meditation. Or you can ask to be shown what is most important for your focus & work right now and the rest be removed.

Hold this meditation as long as you can, as long as you are comfortable.
You can return to this place and repeat this meditation at any time, there is no rush or deadline here!

Remember that this process is very personal, so it may be slow going, and you will only get out of it what you put into it. It is also a great starting point to working with your Guides & Ancestors.

This is a great way to work with your own intuition and energy as well, beginning to trust yourself and your connections to Energy & the Universe!

Yes, I am aware of how Marie Kondo this meditation is.
No, I did not steal the idea from her.
It’s actually a variation of a Buddhist technique and I have been using it for many years now.

~John William


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