The Rejection, Dismissal & Rediscovery of Astrology

Yesterday I gave a brief overview of the history on Astrology, if anyone would like to learn more on that topic or a portion of one, I would be happy to write more about it or direct you to a source of information!

Today is a brief overview of why and how Astrology disappeared for a while, why it’s making a resurgence now and how its changed.

The Beginning of the End

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, Rome was not a very friendly place or environment for Astrologers. and their government was trying to stamp out the practice.

Since they couldn’t entirely outlaw it they made laws to make it dangerous or difficult. One was allowed to be able to kill an Astrologer for giving a false or unfavorable reading!

When Christianity began to take root these critics found a strong ally. A large aim of the early Christian Church, which was officially recognized in 312 CE by Constantine the 1st, was to eliminate as much of the Greco-Roman culture as possible.

Astrology became quickly demonized as being taught by “Fallen Angels” who were seeking to trap humanity in “false fatalism” in order to “eliminate our free will”

Emperor Theodosius the 1st finally outlawed Paganism in the year 391 and the temples of the Old Gods were closed down, and Astrology continued to be attacked by Theologians. Especially in light of King Herod having used Astrologers to try and kill the Christ Child and control the Fate of humanity for his own selfish actions.

From this point on much of the writings and works on Astrology were destroyed or lost , causing the practice to become a secret oral tradition; effectively finally eradicating it as the Roman Empire wanted all along.

Outside of the Roman Empire

Despite the influences in the Roman and Byzantine Empires, Astrology persisted strongly throughout the Arab world, along with other forms of Celestial Teachings.

Islam began to spread throughout North Africa and into Spain, bringing much of these teachings with it; along with much of the Egyptian and Greek traditions as well since most of that had been translated into Arabic and Sanskrit by this point.

Persian influences also included Numerology and Mathematical practices as well. This meant that throughout Persia and India many of these practices still persisted.

Later Dismissals

By the time of Sir Isaac Newton, who was reportedly interested in Astrology as well as Astronomy, Christian influence had spread throughout most of the world.

However it was also being largely undermined by Scientific discoveries, global exploration and the resurgence of “classical knowledge”. Increased literacy rates, and Empirical Astronomical Discoveries also seriously debased much of the Churches teachings on a “divine geocentric universe”.

Unfortunately, in the rush of rationalism, Astrology was also one of the Old World ideas to be rejected by the Scientific Community as well.

Astrology appeared, to Scientists, to be a part of the Geocentric Universe that was being debased, so although its interpretive methods were based on thousands of years of Empirical Observation it was labeled superstition.

It didn’t help that many Practitioners at this time were pandering to Superstitious and vulnerable individuals for easy money.

These same criticisms could have been applied to the Religious and Scientific communities as well, but their influence was much too strong for the small number of Astrologers to fight.

By the Early 18th Century mocking Astrologers had become a sport.

The Start of Rediscovery

Good news for us Astrologers, by the end of the 18th Century Astrology began to see a revival.

From the trauma of the Napoleonic Wars we began to see people working back towards Enlightenment as opposed to strict Religion or Science.

Then in the early decades of the 19th Century we began to see an emergence of Astrological publishing, notably Raphael’s Ephemeris by Robert Cross Smith (1795-1832).

Due to an increase in travel we also began to experience an influence and education from cultures and traditions all over the world, most of which never saw the Roman, Byzantine or Christian rule, which meant that they maintained more of the Old World ideas.

French Philosopher Eliphas Levi began to notice the commonalities and shared thoughts between these cultures, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post.

Also in this time we saw many modern enhancements in life, such as electricity and proper housing. This meant that people were no longer only searching for a way to simply survive, we were now free to be more sensitive and pursue ideas such as Astrology with legitimate detail.

On September 11th, 1893 the Parliament of World Religions opened in Chicago. This was the first formal gathering with representatives from both Western and Eastern Spiritual Traditions.

Interesting side notes here.

  • Fist is the date, September 11th 1893 being a date of complete enlightenment and Spiritual Communication. Then, several hundred years later on 9/11 we had an act of pure hatred sparked by and rekindling an era religious intolerance.
  • Second is that it was in Chicago, where the American version of the Usui Reiki tradition claims Master Usui studied Reiki and Eastern Philosophy while simultaneously teaching Christianity!

New York, 1875, the Theosophical Society was formed with the aim “to take the entire world into its next great historical phase. A tie of promised enlightenment, equality, peace and justice”.

These two societies both played huge parts in the resurgence of many ancient ideologies, including Astrology, in the early 20th Century!

The discovery of Uranus in 1781 and the discovery of Neptune in 1846 are also notable throughout these time frames as both represented revolutionary awakenings and expansions in Human Consciousness.

Neptune rules Pisces and therefore Psychic powers, Femininity and Emotions, so the discovery here was the beginning of Patriarchal downfall and the rejection of closed-minded Philosophies.
Uranus rules Aquarius, dealing with communication and Enlightenment – so the discovery of this planet also helped push everything along!

It all speaks to the immense power of the Cosmic Order, the Universe, Cosmic Consciousness and Celestial movement. Nothing that is true can ever truly be lost, and nothing that is pure can ever be truly subverted or corrupted.

The Universe and the Powers that Be will never be undone, outdone or overshadowed!

~John William


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  1. I very much wanted to do a write up about Astrology as well, along with an event chart to coincide with the Vernal Equinox. My brain got full of squirrels instead, so I greatly appreciate you doing it! I am now working on a worksheet to share, keep your eye out! You are doing great work here!

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