Our History, and so much more, is Written in the Stars

I didn’t really have a theme planned out for this week’s blog; between preparing for my honey bees coming on the 30th, today’s Sabbat & Supermoon discussed yesterday & the day before, meeting with clients and Ministerial Studies life’s been crazy busy!

Since today is the Sabbat, and I wanted to talk about what that was before it happened, I didn’t really have time to prepare and write out a meditation for it, so I apologize for that!

Today is about balance and Harmony, of Night & Day, Light & Dark, Male & Female, etc. so you can check out the meditation on that from a few weeks ago or the one on Chakras would be great as well.

The Astrology meditation would also be acceptable, especially if you incorporate you Rising and Moon Signs in with your Sun Sign!

We’re halfway through the week now and Friday will be another meditation post, so I didn’t really want to start a new theme or topic either.

A Brief History of Astrology

“The will to live is the strongest instinct of all animate beings. As humanity began to develop an understanding of its environment, people started to observe, assess and measure those things that seemed responsible for their sustenance, their comforts and the threats to their survival. The rising Sun brought warmth; the shape of the Moon affected the tides and women’s menstrual cycles. The position of the Sun and the patterns of the stars were observed to change with the seasons, and so marked the times of plenty and hardships.”

The Secret Language of Astrology: the Illustrated key to unlocking the secrets of the stars
by Roy Gillet

The book I mentioned above is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble. It’s a great beginning guide to all things Astrology and Zodiac based!

Mankind has been involved in some form of Astrology or another for centuries and more, from earliest civilizations up until now.

The Venus of Laussel, for example, is a 22,000 year old statue that was discovered in the Dordogne region of Southern France. This statue depicts a woman holding a staff, with a crescent moon atop it carved with 13 notches to depict the 13 Full Moons in a year.

There are also myths and stories involving creatures hunting through the stars, that date back as far as 40,000 BCE to Australian Aborigine migrations!

Many major landmarks and sites around the world are well known for their ties to Astrology and Astronomy, most notable the Egyptian & Mayan Pyramids and Stonehenge

Babylonian and Egyptian Astrology

The recorded history of Astrology that we use today began in the Great River Valleys of the Middle East, the Tigris-Euphrates in Mesopotamia and the Nile in Egypt.

We have many records of the various cultures in these areas using Astrology, some much more intact than others.

Clay tablets from 5th millennium Babylonians show they understood the movements of stars, the Sun, the Moon and five planets. There are also many existing works showing Persian and Egyptian influence on Astrology, including the Bible itself; the Three Wise Men were Astrologers who followed a star.

Many Deities from this area are involved in the arrangement of the Stars & Planets, and many of their traditions and holidays also revolved around Celestial Events. They even built the Pyramids to reflect and enhance many of their Astrological practices!

Greco-Roman and Indian Astrology

Many of the records of Greek Astrology point to it having been hugely influenced by the Babylonians.

The Greeks are also responsible for our basic understanding of Astronomy, and have some of the earliest recorded Birth Charts.

However, the Romans initially dismissed much of Astrology. It was not until later, when influenced by the Greeks, Egyptians and Mesopotamian’s that it began to become more popular. Even then the authorities tried (and failed) to suppress it.

Once Astrology became more widely used in Rome it was not uncommon for Astrologers to be killed for false or unfavorable predictions!

Indian Astrology, to this day, remains fairly pure in its original uses and intents. It was handed down in their culture for millennia, mainly by oral tradition – but we do have some manuscripts as well.
Despite the ancient standing of their tradition is still remarkably similar to what was used by the Greeks!

Christian Astrology

When Abraham, the “Father” of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, was born in the ancient city of Ur it was known as the “light of Astrologers”

“Christian Astrology” may sound like an oxymoron for many people, especially in view of Modern Day Christianity and Catholicism, but it has a rich and deep history of being guided by the Stars and Celestial Events!

One doesn’t have to look much further than the Gospels to see the influence of Astrology either, Wise Men followed a star to find the Christ child; many of the Prophecies found in the Bible are Astrologically based as well.

It wasn’t until the Bible decreed that using its Prophetic Nature to seek to change the future, as King Herod tried to do, claiming that is “usurping the prerogative and supremacy of God”.

Later, in Summa Theologica, written by St. Thomas Aquinas (who is one of the biggest Theologians in all Christianity) he wrote how Astrology could indeed impact and influence Humanity in powerful ways. But as he notes humanity’s free-will it is also stated that using it to predict the future would be against the fundamental nature inherent in Christianity.

Remember, the Ten Commandments say “Though shall have no other God besides Me” and not “there are no other Gods besides Me”.

The concern is that this knowledge would be abused, by assigning predetermined destiny to Humans – directly contrary to Christian belief of Free-Will. Combine this with a fear that its source may be a Deity against their God, or aid humanity in changing of the Future and we find the practice banned from the Tradition.

Once it was determined how it could be “abused” it was easier to abolish the practice with a decree than it was to regulate its use or practice among the general population.

It’s remarkable how similar so many Cultures and Traditions were, with no contact with one another, and separated by huge gaps of time & space!

This speaks to a fundamental piece of the immutable truth of Cosmic Consciousness and the Divine Nature of the Universe – as well as how connected to that we are!

Tomorrow we will discuss how Astrology has been revived in this Century, how it’s been changed and why it was suppressed in the first place.

~John William


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