The Vernal Equinox and Ostara; Balancing and Cleansing Our Lives

Wednesday, March 20th, is both the Vernal Equinox and Ostara, on top of being the Sap Moon and a Supermoon!

Vernal Equinox

During an Equinox the Sun shines directly on the Equator and Night & Day are virtually equal.

The Vernal, or Spring Equinox, takes place on March 20th or 21st and marks the First Day of Astronomical Spring.

As I stated in yesterdays blog, it is a Full Moon which also happens to be a Supermoon, and that carries it’s own energy with it. But the Equinox is about balance – between light and dark, night and day.

Tomorrow would be an exceptionally good day to do a meditation or practice to balance your energies, do some cleaning and work on cleansing!

The Vernal Equinox represents the start of New Life coming back to earth, when Winter ends and Spring begins. It is about new energy and vitality returning to us, cleansing ourselves of the old things which no longer serve us. This is also what the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is about, which is why it’s going to be such a burst of energy to help us with that!

The Equinox happens due to the tilt in the planets axis, and every planet in our Solar System experiences one!

There is also an Autumnal Equinox, which marks the beginning of Fall, that happens on September 22nd or 23rd.

Ostara and Easter

Ostara is an ancient Pagan Festival, which corresponds to Christian Easter – both named for the Goddess Eostre, who governs new birth and resurrection!

This is a place of balance on the Wheel of the Year, the Pagan calendar of Holidays. The four Sabbats and four Esbats correspond to the seasons and Lunar events, many based in old traditions such as harvest times.

Since the Equinox is about balance, so is Ostara – of dark and light, masculine and female, inner and outer.

Ostara celebrates the darkness receding and the return of the light to the world, the resurrection of the Sun.

Many Pantheons have such traditions!

In the Greek tradition Persephone returns to the Earth after spending the dark months with Hades. She is the daughter of Demeter, Goddess of Harvest and Crops, so her return causes her mother to stop despairing and return Life to the Earth.

Christian Easter is about the resurrection of Christ, and the return of the Son, celebrated on the First Sunday after the First Full Moon of Spring.

It represents our Salvation, on an Eternal level, for our Souls as opposed to just merely our bodies. It signifies the defeat of Sin, the triumph of Good over Evil – and so it too is about balance and harmony.

The Lunar calendar in Christianity is a homage to it’s Jewish roots, as the Jewish calendar is Lunar!


The Hare

Hares are a totem animal of many of the Lunar Goddesses, such as Hecate, Freya and Holda since they are a symbol of the Moon. But Eostre, Goddess of Spring and Rebirth, is mostly connected to this symbol.

This animal also symbolizes immortality, and rebirth since it so closely tied to the Moon which “dies” every morning, only to be “reborn” at night.

As they begin to give birth in the Spring, the symbolize that return of life to the Earth. They are also a symbol of fertility, since they can conceive more offspring while being pregnant.

The Egg

Eggs, as well as seeds, contain the potential of Life itself, and are full of promise. Meaning that they too are closely tied to this holiday, symbols of the fertility of Nature, Earth and all Creation.

Many traditions use the egg to symbolize the Universe itself, containing all life and potential within it. It represents balance of Male and Female, Light and Dark.

The yellow yolk represents the Golden Sun and the God, while the white represents the Goddess and the Moon, perfectly representing the Equinox and Ostara when those two are in perfect balance.


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