March’s Supermoon in Libra, Spring’s Dawning

Today I will only Be talking about the Full Supermoon, later this week I will discuss the Spring Equinox, Ostara and Easter.

Supermoon Super-information

Wednesday, March 20th, is the Vernal Equinox – the 1st Full Moon of Spring, called the Worm or Sap Moon.
This Full Moon is also the Third Supermoon of 2019!

The Full Moon will happen a few hours after the arrival of the Equinox itself, due to Gregorian and Lunar calendar discrepancies, but it’s the closest coinciding Equinox/Full Moon since 2000 and they won’t be less than a day apart again for 11 years.

The last time the coincided perfectly was March 20th, 1981!

A “Supermoon” just means the Moon is very close to the Earth in it’s orbit.

This Supermoon will not appear as big as February’s did, but rather brighter, and will have a stronger effect than normal on the Earth’s oceans.

February’s Supermoon appeared larger because the moon was at its absolute closest point to the Earth, but you can read more about that here.

This means, especially in conjunction with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, it will have a huge emotional impact on us, and have an impact on all Psychic Abilities as well – so if you’re feeling off this week, that’s why!

March’s Supermoon is also going to give us a large burst of energy in a few areas –

  • Psychic Abilities
  • Balance, since that is what the Equinox itself is about
  • Helping us to accept the energy of Chiron moving into Aries
  • Helping is accept the energy Uranus moving into Taurus,
  • It also completes the cycle started at the New Moon in Pisces that happened earlier this month

Supermoon in Libra

This Moon will have a large push for us to find Balance and Harmony, on top of that being a big part of what the Equinoxes represent to begin with.

We will be called into an inner working, being called to share our feelings with others, standing up for who and what we are – even as the moon pushes us to not disturb the peace.

Now is a time to be yourself, despite what may be expected of you – that’s the energy of this Full Moon, as well as the energy of Chiron in Aries.

Since Aries is a Fire Element and Libra is an Air Element, & air fuels fire, you can expect this Supermoon to really springboard us into that phase!

You can read more about what Libra and Aries mean here!

Why the Moon Name?

The Farmer’s Almanac, and Native American Traditions gave each Full Moon a name, corresponding to something in that season.

It is named the “Worm Moon” because the ground begins to soften enough for earthworms to appear, inviting the birds back to feed.
March’s Full Moon is also known as the “Full Sap Moon” since this is the time when Maple Syrup begins to flow!


The week I discussed the Astrological events, and in my post about the New Moon in Pisces, I discussed how everything is set up right now for us to really experience the full effect of the next Seven Years.

March’s Supermoon is going to be HUGE in the energy push towards making us accept that energy and live a different life in the next Transitory Phase.

I also discussed this in my post about the Spell I did to help us accept that influence, as well as giving you a meditation to help balance out this energy!

~John William


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