Friday Feelings, Experiencing the Universe & Dancing with the Cosmos

Today I went to a cute little shop in Middlebury, CT called Karmic Inspirations. My husbands friend Nicki owns the shop, and I needed some candles for a spell I’m doing.

I will discuss the spell more after the meditation for today, so if you want to check that out go for it! And don’t hesitate to ask any questions about what I did, since I’m only talking about what the pieces of the spell represent.

Check out their website and Facebook Page, its a great shop with a wonderful staff & they host this really cool Psychics & Sangria day every month you should attend if you can!

Red for Chiron in Aries, Light Blue for Uranus in Taurus and Dark Blue for Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Today’s Meditation

This meditation is about opening ourselves to the energies from the Universe, accepting it’s influence into our lives. It focuses on shifting our vibration to match the higher Cosmic energy of these three powerful Astrological events!

Here are the symbols we are going to be focusing on today.

If you so choose, you can start this as I start all of meditations, by opening your Chakras. I posted a meditation a few weeks ago on this, (found here) that hopefully you have been practicing!

It’s going to be a variation of last weeks meditation which would also make a nice combination with today’s work too.

Let’s Begin!

To start, get comfortable and bring attention to your breathing.

Relax, let all the worries of the day go. Stop focusing on tomorrow or yesterday. Don’t worry about what you did or didn’t do, what you “should be doing” or “need to get done”.

Right here, right now, is about you.

Every time you exhale, let all the stress, negativity and unnecessary vibrations and energy flow out of your body.
Every time you inhale, fill your body with peace, hope, strength, compassion and love.

Visualize the junk leaving your body as a dark cloud, & the good coming into you as a white light. Do this breathing exercise until you are completely filled with white light which shines forth from you!

Begin to visualize the Astrological Signs floating in front of you.

Feel the energy from the sigils fill you the same way the light did.
Pay attention to any sensations you have as you focus on the sigils – letting them attune your energy to theirs, and shift your vibration to match their own.

When visualizing, it is about what feels most natural to you, be it one symbol at a time, starting with one & adding the next until you have all six, or simply all of them at once!

Become one with the Universe now, with her Cosmic push for Growth

Simply continue to breath, visualizing the symbols, feeling their energy cascade over you. Around you. Through you. Feel your vibration shift and rise as this Cosmic power raises you up.

Hold the visualization and meditation for as long as you can, however long feels right or comfortable to you.

Simply be. Become one with the Cosmic energies.

All you have to do is stop resisting the change. Allow the powerful energies of these symbols to do their job and make the magic happen for you!

You may also wish to add a Mantra to your meditation, something short and simple, something that is always worded in the present
Something like “I am one with the Universe” or “My energy and the energy of these symbols have become one” – then repeat this as often as necessary or as feels natural, both during and after the meditation.

To Finish

If you started by opening your Chakras, remember to close them down when you are done

If you used another meditation technique then simply begin to slowly move your fingers and toes, bringing your attention and consciousness back to your physical body. When you are sufficiently grounded enough, slowly open your eyes.

After doing a meditation like this, it’s never a bad idea to drink some water, help flush the negative and lower vibrations & facilitate the energy flow.
It is also not unheard of to have something light to eat, to help level out any residual energies that make us feel like we’re “floating” or “disconnected” from reality.

Remember that Mercury Retrograde is until the 28th of March, so perhaps focus on these energies most of all – it’s our “spring board” to the other two phases which both last for 7 years, so we have plenty of time to work on them!

Do not worry if it feels short or if you have trouble with letting go. Don’t become upset if you don’t have any sensations or feelings during the meditation – this process is about growth and is very personal, so it will be different for each one of us!
Simply do your best, what you can, and repeat as necessary!

My Spell

The spell is designed to help us readily accept and experience the effects of the Astrological happenings right now; Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries and Uranus transitioning into Taurus.

I’m only discussing the pieces of the spell, what they represent & why I chose them, so if you have questions about the energy work behind it don’t hesitate to ask!

I can be contacted through Facebook, the contact page here, or email – (John William Reiki

After cleansing the space with Sage & Palo Santo (both bought from the shop) each of the candles is carved with Sigils corresponding with energy of each Astrological event.

The red candle is for Chiron (right) in Aries (left)

Light Blue is for Uranus (left) in Taurus (right)
I couldn’t get a picture, the candle made it hard to photograph

Dark blue candle is for Mercury Retrograde (left) in Pisces (right)

Included is my Tibetan Buddhist meditation bell, which I rang 13 times, (symbolizing the 13 annual Lunar events) my Buddhist Dorje – also called a Vajra (the brass piece) which symbolizes Enlightenment.

On the left are the Mala beads I bought recently from Sol Ascending, which are for Manifestation – made of Olive Wood, Serpentine & Tigers Eye.
Woven around the three candles, it binds their energies together!

There’s some rocks & crystals off my Healing Altar, and I used my Reiki Wand (the crystal piece) to carve the candles. Then the entire ritual was performed on my stove (closest thing we have to a Hearth).

The whole working encompasses all of my healing work and all the energy from my altar & home as well!

My hope is that this Ritual will help all of us to become more enlightened & stronger, by assisting us to properly accept & react to the push from the Universe!

~John William


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