The Four Bodies of Existence

Sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday!

I ran some errands with my sister, then had lunch with an old friend – which turned into a business meeting that went on for a few hours, and got me home just in time to make dinner & run errands with my husband.

Thanks to Jamie, said old friend, and a few others who have been asking about this as well lately, I am adding a new service to my list!

More on that later.

Today’s topic is the Four Bodies, since I have mentioned them a few times now and they tie into a few other things, both now & down the road!

My post today is a little but longer, I apologize for that – but as always feel free to comment of connect with my on Facebook with any questions!

True health is a state of wellness that extends across all Four Bodies, it is not enough to simply take care of just one of them, or ignore one of them. We need to care for ourselves as a whole, not just in pieces as many of us do!

Given some of the literal movements in the Universe right now, which you can read about in last weeks Astrology posts, it is a wonderful time to be taking care of yourself.

If you haven’t started this journey yet, you should.
If you have been on this journey, now is a wonderful time to take it deeper!

What are the Four Bodies?

The Four Bodies – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual – are literal vibrational fields of energy, which overlap and affect each other profoundly.

Four, as a number, is very important throughout metaphysical ideas & energy work. There are four Elementsearth, air, fire & water – and four Seasons, so it’s very connected to Balance and Nature!

This number represents ideas such as Stability, Order, Completion & Justice! Since Four also symbolizes Strong Foundations, we have Four Bodies, to have a stable and strong existence.

The Physical Body

As the name implies, this is the actual physical body we inhabit in this life.

It is through the Physical Body that our Spirituality, Emotions and Creativity flow through, which is why it is so important we take care of it!

This body is affected (either positively or negatively) by things such as what we eat and drink, but also by what we think and our emotional state.

It has a great capacity to inform you when something is going wrong, or right, in the other Bodies.

This body is about feeling reactions, not thinking them through.

The other bodies cause reactions to stimulus, which we feel through the Physical Body. Learning to understand these messages is a key part of finding balance & harmony in life.

Meditation, communication with our Guides and Psychic Readings are all excellent tools for learning how to understand these messages!

The Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is the sum total of every emotional experience you have ever had, as well as your general concerns, pleasures & desires

Remember that where thoughts and feelings go, so goes energy.

Experiences we have, good & bad alike, are energetically held as layers withing the Emotional Body and drive our day-to-day thoughts and feelings.

That is why is so important to be aware of yourself, those inner wounds and past traumas.

Past experiences we have not healed from are energies we carry around with us, which in turn affect us on various levels. Many of our unwanted reactions stem from this kind of negative energy in our Emotional Body.

Reiki & Yoga are wonderful tools for clearing these energies!

Love also resides within the Emotional Body, which is it’s desired state of being. Love for others, from others, and most importantly for yourself.

The Greeks had four kinds of love (there’s that number again!)

  • Eros – Sexual or Passionate love
  • Agape – Universal or Unconditional “god” love
  • Philia – Goodwill or Friendship
  • Storge – Empathy

It is the aim of our Emotional Body to find fulfillment in our heart, through Love – for ourselves and others, both expressed and received.

We can work on this body by honoring what is positive in our life, be passionate about what we do (or do what we’re passionate about) and doing things that bring us Joy!

The Mental Body

Our Mental Body is a powerful and dynamic energy instrument.

There are Two Parts of the Mental Body

The Little Mind

This is part of our mind we us to create our reality, whether that is harmonious or filled with suffering.

It is not meant to be the driving force of our existence, but just a tool to direct and achieve our expanded awareness.

This is also called the Egoic Mind.

This is where we form and set intentions

The Divine Mind

This is is the portion of our mind and our being that carries over from one life to the next, the eternal part of our mind.

From here we can Astral Travel & connect to Cosmic Consciousness

It is from this part of our Mental Body that we can establish connections to our past lives, and the Divine.

Our mind works in two parts, and maintaining a balance between them often takes much practice, focus and ongoing effort. “Turning off” the Little Mind is not easy, especially in today’s society, but it essential to learn how to focus on the Divine Mind over the Ego!

The Divine Mind also houses much of our intuition, since it is that piece of us that connects to things about and outside ourselves!

Meditation, Yoga, Reiki and Hobbies that bring you joy are all wonderful for bringing the two parts into balance

The Spiritual Body

The Spiritual Body is the embodiment of our Highest Vibrational Self

While this part of us has always been available to us, throughout all of humankind’s existence; accessing it, however, takes work and effort.

It is through our Spiritual Body that we reach higher states of consciousness, and it is this Body that houses Psychic talents.

Our Spiritual Body is the doorway to enlightened and expanded states of consciousness, allowing for a growing and unfolding spiritual journey and existence.

Meditation & Yoga are great ways to reach higher levels of consciousness and work on our Spiritual Body!

The “secret” of the Four Bodies of existence is this – when they Physical, Emotional, & Mental Bodies reach a state of Harmony and balance, the Higher Vibration of the Spiritual Body is activated.

DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man”

Leonardo DaVinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, pictured above, is used to represent the Four Bodies.

  • The image of the man represents the Physical Body
  • The multiple arms & legs represent the dynamic state of the Emotional Body
  • The square represents the confined and limited nature of the Mental Body
  • The circle around the body represents the Spiritual Body

These bodies connect to all things related to the Number Four, on one level or another.

In many Wiccan, Neo-Pagan or Metaphysical traditions there is a phrase you will hear repeated very often.

“To Will, To Dare, To Know, To Keep Silent”

This Mantra, of sorts, is intended towards things that help us work on the Four Bodies in very simple and subliminal ways.

  • To Will – determination and perseverance
  • To Dare – have courage
  • To Know – this is obvious, studying to gain the necessary knowledge
  • To Keep Silent – the value of “inner silence”

They are aimed towards Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment.
When we practice these four things we are putting effort into growing our Spiritual Life

The Journey to Enlightenment is never ending, and maintaining balance between the Four Bodies takes constant and conscious effort – these four things remind us that.

  • “To Will” is about the conscious effort to keep going, making the continuous choice to evolve and grow Spiritually, by understanding the messages experienced through your Physical Body
  • “To Dare” is about stepping out of our comfort zones and deals with facing the less-than-positive layers of the Emotional Body
  • “To Know” is about constantly learning & striving to expand your horizons and deals with the Mental Body
  • “To Keep Silent” is about keeping practices personal and doing what is necessary to find the inner peace & tranquility required for activating the Spiritual Body

~John William


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