Our Spirit Guides, a Brief Overview

My goal this week is to fill in some blank spots, topics I keep mentioning and saying I’ll discuss later – plus a few pieces along the same lines.

Going to start with the basics, so if you want more information on any of these topics, just say so in a comment or send me a message!

If I forget any of the topics I have said I will discuss, just remind me

What are Spirit Guides?

“Spirit Guides” is sort of an umbrella-term, used to describe any spirits who is here to help us throughout our lifetime.

These guides can be Ancestors, a human spirit who has passed on and crossed over & then decided to come back to assist another person, or a spirit who never had an incarnate life in this realm.

Every person alive has at least one guide, often referred to as a Guardian Angel, who is assigned to us at birth and who travels with us our entire life.

All people have at least one, but some people have multiple Guides!
I have quite a few guides myself.

Several of my Ancestors have come forth to me, through meditations and dreams, over the years to announce their presence and a desire to help me through life.

Each Guide who is assigned to us is always a perfect match for us, and exactly what we need – the Universe doesn’t make mistakes, especially not in instances such as this.

Our Spirit Guides have been chosen for us specifically, and they are here to help us, so they know everything about us – inside and out.
Often better than we even know ourselves!

What do Our Guides do?

Spirit Guides can have one specific job, or do many things for us.
Some are life-long companions, while others are only around to help with a specific lesson and leave when that lesson has been learned.

As their name implies, they guide us.

Our guides can help us deal with struggles or emotional problems, learn lessons, and perform many other jobs as well.
They lend us strength, courage, clarity and a host of other positive vibrations and energies that we may need.

All we have to do is ask, and then (and this is key) be open to their aid!

My guides are constantly communicating with me, giving me signs on where to go and advice on what to do next. I have spent over a decade getting to know them, working with them and forging powerful relationships with them, and it’s amazing what they do for me on a regular basis.

The more you work with your guides, the more than can and will do for you, same as with any other energy working you do.

Those who are Spiritually Gifted, Psychic, Sensitive and people who are actively & devotedly working on their spiritual life almost always have more than one Guide helping them with their path.

For Example

People receive a Guide after their Reiki Attunement, who’s specific job is to help with our healing work – guiding us down an appropriate path, bringing us together with the right clients, aid in the healing itself, etc.

Guides host a variety of functions and do many things for us, but we must be open to their influence and assistance – we have free will, after all.

Typically Guides are subtle with their communications, and gentle in their workings.

The relationship between them us based off our personalities and needs, so they will act and behave in a way appropriate to you and your responses.

Spirit Guides can appear to be pushy or blunt, especially if you aren’t listening to them on something important. But they are here to assist us and make the most of this life – to help raise our vibration and clear our karma, to properly learn lessons and grow.

They are part of the greater good, and seek to make our world a better place, but enhancing and promoting us to be the best individual we can be.

Our Guides will never harm us, harm that happens on their watch is due our own (and others) free will that limits them from directly interfering in our lives, or acting with permission.

Guides can not, and will not cause harm.
If it is trying to cause harm, or wreak havoc, it is not a Guide!

Throughout the years (and with the assistance of several of my own Guides) I have put together a few meditations & workshops, directed at teaching you how to establish and maintain contact with your own Spirit Guides!

Once you find a technique that works for you it becomes very easy to have this contact, whether you’re a natural psychic or not.

It may take practice, but I can promise you it will be worth it in the end!

~John William

You can also check out my Facebook Page for more contact information or to learn more about the services I offer and how to reserve one!


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