Meditating with the Zodiac an Astrological Discovery

Yesterday I posted a bit on each of the Sun Signs, the Zodiac determined by the month and day on which you were born.

Since it is Meditation Friday, I will be giving you another meditation, but first I want to talk a tiny bit more about the Zodiac, and give you all a Mantra you can say in this 7 year period with Uranus in Taurus.

This Mantra will be a great addition piece to any work you are already doing or starting in this phase!

A Mantra for each Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign while Uranus is in Taurus

Before we Begin

We also have a Rising Sign (also known as the Ascendant or Ascending Sign) which is the Zodiac that was Ascending, or Rising, on the Eastern Horizon at the moment you were born.

The Rising Sign tells us about how other people see us, that impression we give to others, and lends a lot of information about we react to things on an instinctive level.

If two people are born on the same day they share a Sun Sign, but if they are born in different places or at different times they would have different Rising Signs.

Unfortunately this makes it take more work to figure out, since you need to know where & what time you were born, but there are some great Rising Sign “calculators” online you can use that will figure it out for you!

Until the early 20th Century the Rising Sign was considered the dominant factor in determining someones personality.
However, in today’s short-attention span society of instant gratification we don’t like anything that takes more than 5 seconds to figure out.

Each Sign alone gives you a lot of information about who you are, but together they give a much more clear picture – especially when you add in the Moon Sign, which I will discuss another time.

The First Part

Today’s Meditation is going to be built off of the Chakra Meditation I gave a few weeks ago which you can find here.

You will follow that meditation all the way through, opening each Chakra as you go, until they are all open.

Hopefully you have been practicing this mediation and are comfortable with it by now, if not it’s okay & just do your best with it – it’s about being open on different levels so the second part of the meditation can have its full effect!

The Second Part

From there I want you to focus on your Zodiac – whether it’s the Astrological Symbol for it (I will post those below) the colors or energies corresponding to it, whatever makes sense to you.

It really is as simple as finding the specific aspect you want to work with, and then just imagine & visualize it in a way that makes sense to you.

Doing this allows you to focus on the energy of that sign and allows the positive energy from that sign to flow through you & through each opened Chakra – this shifts your vibration and energy to match!

Yesterday’s post has links to the blogs about more information concerning those correspondences, so you will want to check those out for more ideas as well!

Remember, it’s about vibrations, finding what resonates with you, so choose the concept or idea that works for you and don’t be afraid to experiment with it!

After you are done meditating, a few minutes at least (but feel free to meditate as long as you can hold the image and remain comfortable) remember to close your Chakras back down with the second portion of that meditation.

Some Notes about this Meditation

Meditating on your Zodiac Sign can be very helpful and beneficial to you becoming more you, and separating out energies that don’t belong to you.

This type of meditation can help you come to terms with parts of yourself you try to ignore or hide from and leave you much more balanced.

Each Zodiac has its Lower Aspects, the detrimental or less than positive parts of their personality, which we can always work on improving. I haven’t discussed these yet, since that hasn’t been my focus, but you can find them online from hundreds of sites.

Meditating with your Sun and Rising signs & vibrations will help make sure that all of the energy you are carrying is yours and serving you well.

If there are traits from other Signs you think would be beneficial for a certain aspect in your life, or to lend balance in a certain are you can meditate with that Zodiac as well!

Zodiac Signs

A simple addition, such as this, to another simple meditative work is a great way to make amazing progress using nothing but small changes to something we are already doing.

~John William


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