Chiron in Aries, the Wounded Healer in Transit

Sorry this is a little late, I had been talking about it on my Facebook Page and never though to post it here.

February 18th, 2019 Chiron moves from Pisces to Aries, where it will remain until December 28th, 2027.

Since I have been discussing Astrological events so far this week, I figured I’d slip in this, better late than never!

Make sure you go back and read Monday and Tuesday’s blogs as well, so you really get a good idea of the big picture going on in the Universe.

Who is Chiron?

In Greek Mythology Chiron is one of the Centaurs, and the son of the Titan Chronos & the sea nymph Philyra.

Chiron lived at the foot of Mount Pelion in Thessaly and was very much unlike the other centaurs, as opposed to violent and savage, Chiron was known for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine.
He is also known for teaching humanity the constellations.

Many of his skills were taught to him by Apollo, the god of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and prophecy!

Many of the famous Greek heroes were trained by Chiron, including Achilles, Jason and Asclepius.

Chiron traded his immortality to Prometheus, and after being shot by an arrow poisoned with Hydra blood, Zeus placed him in the sky as the constellation Centaurus.

What does Centaurus mean?

Often call the “wounded healer” Chiron, or Centaurus, is associated with wounds that cannot be completely healed – like the one that took his life.

In life we often go through many experiences which we find it difficult or impossible to entirely fix, dismiss or move on from.

What is done is done, and sometimes it leaves a scar.

Astrologically speaking, Chiron’s purpose is to help us deal with the pain we have endured, and integrate it as fully as possible into our lives.

He is a teacher, mentor and a guide to help us learn how to transcend our personal pain.

However, for humans, healing is a very personal matter. Often our emotional wounds become part of story and the pain helps to identify who we are.

Centaurus aims to teach us how to pass our personal pain into a collective, helping all of humanity be free from these wounds by shared experience.

What the Transit has in Store

Over the last several years Chiron has been in Pisces, and has been leading us on a journey of self-discovery – learning how to endure through struggles when solutions were not readily available.

Now, as he transitions into Aries we are being challenged to transform and find healing. This healing will come through finally facing and accepting our past experiences and allowing ourselves to be loved by others.

With Centaurus in Aries we are being reminded to have faith that there is a path through the pain and darkness which can still lead us to healing and the light.

The New Path to Healing

Chiron will be teaching lessons to help us take new steps so that we can deal more directly with the struggles we have been enduring up until now.

Aries is the war sign, and it brings out his Centaur nature.

This means that we should also be focusing on our ability to take action and stand up for ourselves with courage.

Be prepare to face the struggles from your past, notably the scars from abuse, aggression, violence, or war. We are being reconnected to our suppressed frustrations and that part of ourselves that felt defeated before.

It will be a time of validation but we will first have to accept our short-comings, flaws and confront times when we have felt wounded & learn to forgive and pass on the pain to the collective.

Being a victim under Aries is not what the energy is about, it’s about fighting for ourselves and what we consider to be right, Aries is about finding ways to deal with our problems head on!

In Summary

For the past several years Chiron has been leading us through the darkness, helping us recognize what needs to be changed in our life.

Now he is leading us to a place where we can safely leave that pain behind and truly move forward.

Wounds that are not dealt with will continue to haunt us, so be a Warrior and fight. Don’t give up or give in to your fear.

Be strategic in how you work through these old wounds, deal with them once and for all, so they don’t come back up again at a later date.

How it all fits Together

We have Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, Chiron in Aries and Uranus in Taurus. So there is a lot of energy here that is all building in the same natural progression of the Zodiac.

This is great news for the growth under Uranus in Taurus, as authenticity and natural change & progression is important for Taurus

The Energy of Mercury Retrograde is very similar to that of Chiron in Pisces as well, so we’re getting a 23 day grace period to transition smoothly into Aries.

As we transition through these periods the energies will be an extreme reality as Uranus enters Taurus and our emotions and subconscious become a distinct part of our reality – but this will make them easier to handle because they will no longer be abstract ideas or concepts from the past.

~John William


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