New Moon in Pisces, as Uranus moves into Taurus

Today is the start of our 23 days in Mercury Retrograde, which was the blog topic discussed yesterday.

We also experienced February’s Snow Moon which was the 2nd of the 3 Supermoons, the third one being this month. As we come closer to that I will post about what it means and what we can expect there!

Tomorrow, however, is the New Moon in Pisces & Uranus moves in Taurus – so let’s explore what that means and has in store for us!

Phases of the Moon

New Moon in Pisces

Energetically speaking, New Moons are the perfect time to let go of the old and to start new projects, they’re about new beginnings

The moon being gone from the sky, leaving the nighttime dark and seemingly empty, makes it great for exploring what no longer serves you and letting it all go.
Immediately after the New Moon we start to see the Waxing Phase again, as the moon builds back to Full, which means the energy is also building back up – which is why is perfect to start new projects!

Pisces is a water sign in the Zodiac, and the Mercury Retrograde & New Moon we will experience under this energy is going to push us to explore ourselves!

As the 12th and last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces is about the subconscious mind and swimming in the unseen & unknown depths of our own minds.

The Mercury Retrograde and New Moon are going to bring about a boost in Psychic abilities, and it’s about exploring things beyond the physical realm.
Look at new ideas, explore your dreams, and quiet your mind.

Yesterday I spoke about the effect of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces making it a good time to meditate, explore Psychic powers, get a Reading done or start learning about a new Modality – well the New Moon is the perfect day to start out!

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of Transformation.
Combined with the energy of the New Moon it’s the perfect time to start a self-transformation, especially Spiritually and Emotionally.

The energy of this watery moon is also perfect for Manifestation!

As we’re being put in touch with our dreams & subconscious, hammered with massive amounts of energy, we’re also being asked to step-back and meditate.

This upcoming period is really about getting in line with the part of our Soul that reincarnates from one life to the next, and focusing on our inner-life and reality, as opposed to our outer-life.

This phase, especially on the day of the New Moon itself is for seeking inner-wisdom, contemplate new ideas & thoughts, finding the key to spiritual growth & transformation.

Remember as well, that water is ruled by the moon and Lunar Cycles, so it’s an especially powerful combination here.

Uranus in Taurus

Astrological symbol for Uranus

Uranus only changes signs once every 7 years or so, which means we won’t see it in Aries again (where it is now) for over 80 years!
It moves into Taurus tomorrow, March 6th, until 2026.

Taurus is about monetary stability and luxury, so for the next 7 years those areas will be less difficult to navigate and secure.

Uranus rules Aquarius, the 11th house in the Zodiac, associated with dreams, prophecy and planning for the future.

This is yet another reason why the power of this Retrograde period combined with the New Moon will be so powerful!

Aquarius is the “House of the Prophet” and similar to the Retrograde in Pisces it encourages us to spend time in meditation, connect with your soul & explore your Spiritual Life more deeply.

The combination of Uranus being in Taurus means we will have a lot of energy to get things done and manifest what we want.
But we must remember that, as an Earth Sign, Taurus likes to think things through and go slow, so don’t expect the changes to happen all at once, it will take time and dedication.

Our security and growth will be tied directly into how much work we put into it & into ourselves at this time!

Use the Retrograde period, and the cleansing energy of the New Moon to help you prepare for the long 7 year period of Uranus in Taurus.
Connect with your innermost self and highest powers, learn what would most benefit you to add or change in your life, and then begin working towards that!

The Upcoming Full Moon

The Full Moon that we’re building to is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring.

Spring is all about Rebirth, completing cycles, and starting something new – so that is definitely a big theme here!

I won’t go to into too much detail about the upcoming Supermoon here, since it will have its post in the near future.

There will be another HUGE burst of energy here, as night & day/light & dark become equal and we get a good balancing energy in our lives – it will be the perfect springboard point to really drive into the new opportunities of Spring!

Other Random Bits & Pieces

All of these events also correspond with the start of Lent, a 40 day period of Spiritual growth and Transformation.

In Jewish and Judeo-Christian tradition the number 40 is used to mean “a long time” that’s symbolic of taking a journey of growth & empowerment – much like the wonderful journeys of the Greek Demigods!

Lent is typically seen as a time to give up frivolous things, such as chocolate or coffee.

But it’s deeper than that.

We’re really supposed to be doing something that leads us to grow as a person, not just giving something up.

Adopting a new mentality, being more compassionate, thinking before we speak, exploring new Spiritual Modalities to help ourselves & others, etc.

At the end of 40 days of practicing these things you’ve “programmed” yourself to love a whole new model of behaviors, continuing to improve both you as a person and those around you!

It’s about working on yourself & becoming a better person, one who can make a positive difference in the world.

Giving up food for a period of time, much like the Buddhist Monks are known for, is called fasting.

Fasting is an ancient tradition through many culture and religions, and is meant to bring you closer to your Higher Power, or bring some form of Enlightenment & lead you into unity with your Higher Self!

Master Usui was fasting when he psychically re-discovered Reiki

If you’re someone who likes the idea behind giving something up, but not necessarily fasting, consider giving up something that’s bad for you – smoking, sugar, alcohol, etc.
Then at the end of the 40 days don’t go back to it, and realize how you improved your life & health, which is what this period is all about!


Right now is the perfect time to make positive, lasting and deep changes in your life. The perfect time to start on a new journey to becoming a better person, or making your life happier and more meaningful.

Whether you work on these things already or not, there is always room for improvement, a way to take it to a deeper level or room to add a new modality – that is what this period is about!

Perfect timing to start learning a form of Healing or Reading, or to go public with the one you already practice. Start doing Yoga, or Tai Chi, learn Reiki or the Tarot, join a Meditation Group – let the Universe help you become the best you!

So let’s see everyone get interested, active and involved with their Spiritual & Emotional health and well-being!

~John William

Hope you all had an exciting, fun, blessed and safe Mardi Gras today!


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