Mercury Retrograde in Pisces; a Springtime for the Soul

Good news, this Retrograde will be extremely short!

Here’s a piece by piece breakdown and explanation of what Mercury Retrograde in Pisces means – and why it’s not as bad as it sounds!


I want to start by explaining what the word “retrograde” means.

Astronomically speaking, when a planet is in retrograde that means, when observed from Earth, that planet appears to be moving backwards – a sort of optical illusion due to differences in orbits.

Astrologically, retrogrades can have certain negative effects on us, determined by what is ruled by that specific planet.

Mercury Retrograde

Since Mercury is ruled by Hermes, the messenger of the Gods, it is the planet that rules communication, so when it goes retrograde we experience breakdowns on that front.

It is also not recommended to travel or take vacation during this time; since Hermes traveled so often to deliver his messages, we can experience complications there as well – which for most of us would not be a great experience.

This planet is also a sort of lens, one that helps us shape our reality, so when it goes into retrograde we will experience reality a bit differently.
Oftentimes it makes things seem either more or less real for people, like living in a fantasy version of your life.

The idea behind this shift is due Hermes traveling freely between the realms, since Mercury is in Retrograde the different realms & realities undergo a strange overlap during this time.

Because of this, we are encouraged not to make any big decisions (like buying a house or getting engaged) during this period.

Mercury is associated to the Air Element, so it’s corresponds to the a lot of the same ideas and concepts found there.

Retrograde periods invite us to step back, take a period of introspection and plan our next step. This isn’t the time to make these moves, but it is the perfect time to prepare ourselves to do so when the retrograde ends.

In Pisces

Since the retrograde begins in Pisces we also have to consider what that means for us and the energy vibrations of this realm.

Pisces is a Water Sign, ruled by Neptune – so we also have correspondences with that Element as well.

The retrograde in Pisces means that it will be mostly spiritual and emotional, meaning psychics and sensitives will feel the effects more than others.

During this 23 day period we can expect to be riddled with self-doubt, over-question ourselves, and we will want to shut everyone out – this will pass.

This retrograde will also put us in a wonderful place to study and learn about Spiritual ideas & Modalities, such as the Tarot, Reiki or Meditation!

As with any retrograde, we are expected to take a step back, since it’s in Pisces we are meant to take that one step further as well.

In this current period we are being pulled into the realm of emotions and psychic powers – the perfect time to receive or perform a reading or healing and an amazing time to begin learning a new modality for yourself!

Other Factors to this Retrograde

We recently experienced the 2nd of 3 Super Moons, which you can read about here –  it’s important to understand what other influences we have just experienced under Pisces and how much the energy is driving us towards growth!

Then, the day after retrograde starts we have a New Moon in Pisces.

New Moons are always a good point to start something new.
There’s two ways we can go about this, I usually do both.

  1. Since the moon is “new” (meaning there’s no moon to be seen & it appears to be gone) it’s a great time to banish the energies that aren’t serving us, making room for better vibrations!
  2. After the new moon begins the waxing phase and building back up to another full moon – which means the energy of the universe is also directed towards helping us draw in and manifest goodness.

On top of the Retrograde in Pisces we also have tremendous Lunar, aka Divine energy behind this shift and transitional period too!

One final piece to all of this

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will wrap up on March 28th, which means it carries us through the Spring Equinox (another huge lunar event) and into Springtime.

Since Spring is the season for Air, the correspondences here have an extra level of meaning; namely that Spring is about rebirth, completing cycles and becoming something new & better.

A picture of the planet Mercury

~John William

In this post I chose to only outline and summarize the basics of what this period means and will bring to the table.
However, if you go check out my Facebook Page, I am posting more details, “survival tips” and coping strategies for the Retrograde & I will also be explaining what it means for each Zodiac Sign individually.


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