Energy Shielding, a Meditation Technique for Protection

What is Shielding?

Shielding is an energy-work technique that can be of great value, especially for those of born with natural psychic talents.

Similar to warding, which is protection established around a place or object, shielding is guarding yourself or another person.

It forms a barrier around you which can be used to filter, siphon or deflect unwanted energies away from you.

This skill is also wonderful for people who do healing work other than Reiki, those who channel energies, or anyone doing a large amount of readings in a short amount of time (like a gallery reading or psychic fair).

Why Bother Shielding?

Psychics born with gifts often find themselves overwhelmed and constantly on overdrive trying to fend off the incessant barrage of outside stimuli & energy from the people around us.

Shielding helps keep these unwanted or unnecessary energies from wearing you down, attaching to you or draining you.

After being subjected to negative or unwanted energies for an extended period of time it takes a toll on a psychic, and can lead to undesired and outright negative effects.

Sensitives that don’t shield or learn to protect themselves from this tend to feel constantly tired or anxious, oftentimes even psychically ill.

How to Shield

There are many ways in which shielding can be accomplished, I typically use a meditative technique, which is what I will be sharing today.

Before you start this it is a good idea to cleanse and release before hand. This makes sure you’re starting off by ridding yourself of energy that isn’t serving you!

You can use any technique you’re comfortable with, or find one here!

It is always a good idea, before any meditation or energy work, to cleanse and release – it helps purify our energy by eliminating lower vibrations and energy before we begin

Once you have prepared yourself Shielding is actually quit simple to perform.

For the actual meditation you can choose whatever method you like, i start almost all of my meditations by opening my chakras.

There are several reasons for opening your Chakras before you start

  • Doing this brings your entire being into the process
  • It raises your vibration before moving on to the shielding
  • This helps raise a larger amount of energy to put into your shield

Once you are in a deeper state of relaxation and meditation we can begin the visualization technique for the shielding itself

You can visualize your shield as anything meaningful for you.
The more meaning the symbol or visualization carries for you personally, the more powerful it will be & the better it will serve you!

When I shield the energy I draw from is either elemental (any element you see fit will work) or drawn from my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Regardless of which energy you’re using, the visualization portion remains the same.

Imagine the energy filling you completely (yellow for the Chakra, or the corresponding color to whichever element you pick) and then slowly shining forth from you until it’s a steady & brilliant beacon.

Once you are satisfied with the strength and intensity of the energy you have summoned forth, focus on forming it into a ball.
Spend some time manipulating and playing with the energy, really get to feel and experience it, get to know it.

Now comes the fun part!

Take this ball of energy and form it into what you wish to use as a shield.
Many people just go with the standard “bubble” of energy around them, its functional, easy to visualize and works great!
A bubble is perfect for beginners, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using this symbolism.

You can use any visualization you wish, and this can be especially helpful when you are using elemental energy.

For example

  • A wall of flames
  • A stone wall
  • A moat or river
  • Mist or a Tornado

Some Notes, Tips and Advice

I also want to note that Shields take maintenance.

Just as the negative energy will eventually wear you down, it will also erode your shield over time. The more energy and intent you put into the shield the longer it will go before needing attention.

The concept behind using Elemental Energy is using the energy of the Earth or Universe around you to power the shield.
While this type of shield can be more powerful, as there is more of the energy, it takes more focus and maintenance work – the energy is not yours and so directing & keeping it focused requires more attention – since you’re directing it away from its natural flow patter.

The concept behind using Chakra Energy is that you’re using your own thoughts and intention alone.
Therefore it requires less regular attention and maintenance, especially if you awakened your Chakras beforehand, since the Intention stays “programmed” longer.
However, if you don’t work with your Chakras often then it won’t be as effective at first.

I have never found one to be better than the other, or perfect in and of itself. My suggestion is to start with one, then switch to the other and see which works better for you – noting why
After learning more about each one and becoming proficient in the modality you can consider combing the two energies, which is what I do!

~John William

When you first start using this technique it will require more regular attention, as you gain more experience with it the shield will naturally last longer and require less focused upkeep!


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