A Brief overview of Psychic Ethics

This week I talked about the Akashic Records, and I plan on posting about other modalities, psychic & healing, in the future.
Right now I want to discuss some basic points on Ethics, since I briefly brought that up the other day.

Tomorrow will be another meditation, on shielding yourself during a reading – hopefully you have been practicing the last few meditations.

Ethical Practices & Basics

Ethics are a topic you can buy thousands of books on for just about any topic, and it’s also a huge topic in the area of psychic work & metaphysics – today I want to talk about 3 key ethics points for readings.

Point One

I constantly hear people say things like “its unethical to read someone without their permission”

Personally, I have very mixed feelings on this statement.
I feel that it is a gross over-simplification of a complex statement.

This statement applies very heavily to those people who have learned a talent and less to those who were born with one
(and I mean absolutely nothing negative with that sentiment!)

For those born with a gift there is no “off-switch” for the talent, and many of us are bombarded with information about the people around us 24/7/365

If you fit into that second category then tomorrow’s blog on shielding will be very helpful

The way I was taught, the way I have always looked at it, is this – if I receive information I didn’t ask for then I am meant to share it.

I also understand that this is not always possible – and often it’s not socially acceptable to walk up to a stranger with intimate or personal information about them.

Unless you’re a famous psychic, like the Long Island Medium, people probably don’t know who you are & it could be very off-putting to people being approached by a stranger; especially one who knows things about them that they shouldn’t know.
That can make you come across as creepy, stalker-ish or rude.

Ethics here are a grey-area.

You didn’t look for the information, you aren’t intruding on their privacy – it was given to you & if you’re anything like me, most of the time you don’t even want to know.

Many people have argued with me about this particular point over the years. This is my standpoint, and one I have found a lot of other natural psychics agree with – so feel free to adopt it, or leave it behind, whichever resonates with you.
I am also very open to discussing this point.

To Summarize

I would say it is unethical if you looking for information without a request for services.

However, sharing information you didn’t ask for is more of a personal matter.
It’s a mix of your comfort level, asserting proper discretion and knowing how to read if it would be appropriate in the current circumstances.

For example
You’re waiting in line at Walmart, and you suddenly find yourself experiencing the emotions of the woman in front you.
You learn that this woman’s husband beats her.

Are you going to talk to her about it?
Maybe you just lend a kind and supportive word to her.

Consider acknowledging to her Guides that you have heard the message, send her energy for clarity and strength, or ask your own Guides to lend her assistance.

Point Two

Pushing a message the client doesn’t understand or isn’t ready to hear.

It has happened to many of us in a reading, an image or a message comes through and the client has no idea what you’re talking about.

For a lot of psychics, especially people new to doing readings, this can be crippling to your confidence – and can disrupt the energy for the rest of the session.

When this happens to me I have a few ways of handling it.

The first thing I do is silently explain to my Guides that there’s a problem understanding or communicating the message & ask them to help me find another way to convey the information that will get the message across.

If this doesn’t appear to work, or while I am waiting for a response, I simply move forward with the rest of the reading.

Oftentimes there is another piece of the puzzle waiting to come through which well shed light onto the part that isn’t making sense.

When all else seems to have failed, try asking if the information coming through is truly so important it needs to be heard right now.

In some situations the answer is no – I take this to mean that the important part was planting a seed that will blossom into something meaningful later.

However, if I’m told that it is important I try utilizing a more open dialogue, engaging the client more in conversation. This can be disrupting to the energy flow for a new reader, but is can also be a great tool for getting the energy to flow better.

Under these circumstances I tend to find the problem is not the actual message itself, rather the way in which I am sharing it.
It can help to simply sit back, meditate for a moment, and immerse yourself more deeply into the energy of the reading & see what comes to you.

Remember that the messages may make no sense to you, but may make perfect sense to the client – the information is for them after all.

Point Three

The other thing I hear about a lot, which to me is a huge issue, is psychics purposely withholding information from a client.

“When in doubt, tell the truth”

Mark Twain

Unless the information is extremely sensitive and you truly don’t think the client would benefit from hearing it, it is your duty to share the information with them.

A good example of this is the death of a loved one.

There is very little a client can gain from hearing this kind of information, but that still does not mean we get to pick and choose what we share.

The information in a reading is not from you, it is not yours, and usually it is not intended for you. This gives you no right to decide what to withhold.

Here is an example of using discretion to pass on information

You get a message that their loved one is close to passing, rather than tell someone close to them is about to die, talk instead about it being a good idea to spend more time with that person.

In the event that it is a family member they are distanced from or on bad terms with, suggest that now is the perfect time to bridge that gap and begin fixing the relationship.

Cancer, serious illness or great loss are also examples of this

Many psychics, including myself, like to keep things positive as it helps the energy to flow better & more clearly.

But as I have just pointed out, sometimes the information we receive simply isn’t happy – so put as much of a positive spin to it as possible, without detracting or withholding.

Let’s say you’re being told that your client is about to lose their job.
You may not want to be that blunt with them, for a number of reasons, but you could suggest that now is a good time to begin looking for something new in that area.

You don’t want to keep important from them, they came to you for information and advice, but you don’t want to scare your client either.

For something like cancer, you can suggest they go see a doctor – but remember that many people are afraid of the doctor and this could also give them anxiety
I typically say something along the lines of how they just had a reading which is like a “check up” emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, then suggest lets finish off the self-care model by getting a physical check up too!

There is always a positive way to handle every situation, which is usually the ethical thing to do.

A psychic’s job during a reading is to give advice, share messages and promote the healthy growth of our clients – if we’re nothing but a black cloud hanging over them we have not done this
And if all you do is rain on their parade then it’s not likely a client will return either.

~John William

Tomorrow’s blog is going to teach us about shielding and the meditation is going to teach us how to do this!
Shielding is an invaluable skill for natural psychics and anyone exploring a healing modality other than Reiki.


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