The Akashic Records, a Dynamic Modality; Healing with Knowledge

As many of you know, I am a Reiki Master & Independent Teacher, and I have been doing healing work with various modalities for many years.

Along with this I also perform a wide variety of Psychic Readings, including Tarot Cards, Mediumship and now the Akashic Records are available as well.

So today I want to discuss a little bit about how a Psychic Reading, especially the Akashic Records, can be used as a form of healing.

A picture I took before doing a Healing Ritual and Readings for some Clients.
I even made the green glass ball hanging!!

Many modalities for healing involve energy work of some sort, which we will talk about when I discuss Reiki, but can work in a wide variety of ways.

Not too many people talk about the use of a Psychic Reading as a Healing Modality, but it very easily can be!

The book mentioned in yesterday’s blog talks about this topic at length and in great detail.

“How to read the Akashic Records; accessing the archives of the Soul and it’s journey” by Linda Howe

Psychic Readings are about helping someone gain knowledge they didn’t previously have, imparting channeled wisdom to the client or lending them advice from a Spiritual Place.

Depending on what method you use for the Reading, and what your training encompasses, can influence or affect where the information is coming from & how it is relayed to the client.

Where information comes from, and how it presents itself to a Psychic, is something else I can discuss in another blog series – today I want to focus on how information can heal!

The first step

When clients seek a Psychic Reading, especially those called to a reading of their Akashic Records, they are admitting that there is something in their life that needs help, attention or guidance.

The first step to fixing a problem, is admitting you have a problem.
Even if they don’t necessarily know what needs to be fixed, changed, or adjusted – and many clients do not have specifics when they come to me for a reading.

Of course, there are always the ones who just want a novelty tarot card reading.
The clients who are looking for yes/no answers, maybe simple advice on whether or not to move, dump the boyfriend, change the job, etc. – situations where a single reading is all that is necessary and a deeper healing is not needed.

This is all information that I will delve into during my Tarot week as well.

Cards from my Tarot Deck, in a reading done for my Facebook Page a while back

How does this healing happen?

Sometimes the client simply needs someone to help them deal with what is going on, they know exactly what the problem is, and have good idea how to work through it.

I often have clients who are already a good way through solving the situation on their own & are only looking for a last little bit of direction on a next step.

Encouragement from Guides and Ancestors is often the only piece the client is missing and the confirmation from the reading is more than sufficient.

If a problem stems from a past life, or a decision we were unaware – or perhaps had consequences we didn’t understand – then knowledge is the healing factor.

One of the things that separates the Akashic Records apart from other readings is that it has the information from Past Lives (normally only available by taking the client through a regression).

Once you know what caused the situation you can begin to heal from it.
You cannot accept, integrate or move beyond what you don’t know.

Many of my clients have blocks in their energy that they are entirely unaware of, which come out during a reading.
Oftentimes it only takes knowledge that the block exists to be rid of it.

Sometimes it does take more to fix the energy flow, which is why I also offer the Reiki services. This way when I encounter these situations I am fully capable of and readily equipped to help the client heal and move forward with their life.

While a tarot reading, or contact with the Guides is usually enough for this, this information is also available in the Records.
In the event that this information is not enough, then you are already in the Records to delve into deeper information.

When it takes more than knowing

Over the years I have done a lot of readings weighing the pros and cons of a decision, looking for another option for the client (or an option at all, depending on the circumstances).
Timelines for expecting events are another big question I get asked.

For these types of questions I find the Tarot to be of great value.

A lot of the people I do readings for are looking for what happened, but also when it happened, and how to fix it.

With many of my clients, particularly when they’re seeking a reading from the Records, simple knowledge of what or when is wrong is not enough.

They want to know how to keep it from happening again.
In this aspect the Records are of huge assistance.

The Records can tell you what part you played in an event, and outline your potential for the future, and can even lend information on how to make changes for a better future.

Akashic Readings are great for reminding someone of their inner purity and divinity, as well as their own connection to the divine

It helps remind them that they have an eternal soul that continues after death, and that this part of them is always complete, pure & healthy.

When channeling the energy for a reading, which is in many ways similar to Reiki energy, there is a vibration shift that happens in the client as well as the reader.

This shift is bringing them closer to that inner divinity, and lends a strength to both people involved, and a lasting sense of healthy empowerment.

As you continue to spend time in this energy, or go back to into it again, this lasting sense of wholeness and healing will become more effective & lasting.

~John William

I apologize for today’s content being posted so late!
Had a few readings this morning with some clients and then taught a class with another.


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