A New Week, a New Topic; another Ancient Modality for a Modern World

Over the last few weeks I have talked about some basic building blocks and information. I will be building off these in the future, and will continue to give more information on some topics in the weeks ahead!

However, based off some messages I have received recently, during various readings, as well as a few signs from the Universe, I’m jumping track a little bit this week…

I want to discuss the latest Modality I am offering as a service

The Akashic Records

Let’s start by discussing what the Akashic Records are.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word, which means sky, space, ether or cosmos.

The Akashic Records are a sort of Cosmic database.
In the Records is a complete recording of every life that has ever been.

Within this vast “database” of knowledge there is also contained all potential that a Soul has in this Incarnation.

A person can access only their own Records, or the Record of any past life

In this way the Records protect themselves, and the information they contain, from prying eyes or those who may seek to use them for gain, harm or some other less-than-positive reason!

Since the Akashic Records contain all the information on your Past Lives as well, you can access them for that.

Learning about who you were in the past (deals your soul may have made or things it may have suffered in another Incarnation) can be incredibly helpful in understanding why things are going on in your life now!

Withing the Records is also housed your reason for this Incarnation, and whatever your Soul may or may not have agreed to for this Lifetime.

You can also view your part of a situation.

What I mean by that is if you’re involved in a confusing, convoluted or unpleasant situation, and you want to know how to fix it, then the Records can show you the part you have played in the scenario; how you came to be there, and what it means for you.

Similarly, let’s say you are applying for a job and you want to know if the placement would be a good fit or not.

Accessing the Records will not tell you about the other people who work there, or anything about your coworkers.
What they can tell you is how you came to be in that interview, as well as information regarding what potential the job can afford you.

If you’re the person conducting the interview, and perhaps are wondering the same thing; the Records could be a good source to confer with. They can lend a lot of helpful insight on what that person could add to your department & the team.

In neither of these scenarios did the Records reveal any information about another person who has not given direct permission first, but in both it can lend a great deal of information about future potential for those involved!

The Records are “Sealed” so you cannot read someone else’s without first obtaining their permission.
If anybody could go in and just read whatever they wanted then nobody would have any privacy in their life; which is not what the Records are for!

Over the course of this week I want to discuss how you can access the Records for a Reading (either for yourself or a client) and how that information can bring about Healing!

~John William

Never forget that I am here if you guys have any questions!
Feel free to comment, or contact me directly; my goal is to spread information and make sure everyone understands it.
So at any point something is confusing, doesn’t make sense or just isn’t clicking with you then I want to know so I can fix it!


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