Working with the Rainbow; Meditation to Elevate your Chakras.

Last Friday we discussed a basic meditation technique, for Cleansing and Balancing.

Today’s meditation is focused on beginning to work with the Chakras; strengthening, cleansing and empowering them.
Remember that they’re like muscles, so the more we work with them, the more we can do with them, and the more they can do for us!

Meditation is listening to the Divine, the Divine with us

Let’s Start

If you want some soft music playing, that is perfectly acceptable, I recommend soft instrumental music.

You may want a light blanket, many get cold when they meditate which can be distracting (although you may find the blanket also distracting, so use what works for you!)

As always, begin by sitting down and getting comfortable.

I do not recommend laying down, especially if you’re new to meditating.
Many people fall asleep when they lay down, and while there is nothing wrong with that level of relaxation (I often encourage that actually) it is fairly counterproductive to getting work done if you’re asleep.

Once comfortable, take a few deep breaths, and begin to relax.

Remember, as you meditate, to breath deep, slow and calmly; but don’t over-focus on breathing and lose focus on what you’re doing!

I suggest reading all the way through the meditation (be it this one or any other) before you practice it, so there are no surprises in the process.

Opening the Chakras

Reminder about the names, order, color and basic correspondences of each Chakra

Begin by imagining a ball of Red Light at the Root Chakra.
The ball of light should be clear and bright.

If the light is muddy, cloudy or dull then take a moment and focus.
Take a deep breath and let it shine & become clear!

Once you have each image clear in your mind, move up to the next chakra

Imagine a ball of Orange Light at the Sacral Chakra.
Again, making sure it’s bright and shines clear!

Hold each visualization for a moment before moving on, making sure not to stop focusing on the Chakra(s) before it.

Imagine a ball of Yellow Light at your Solar Plexus Chakra.
Try to hold onto the image of the Red & Orange Lights as you do so.

Pause for a moment with these three Chakras, the Lower Chakras, holding the three balls of light steady in your mind!

Imagine a ball of Green (and/or Pink) Light at your Heart Chakra.
Remember to breath, deeply & evenly as you go.

With each new ball of light you visualize, try to notice any differences in how you and your energy feel!

Imagine a ball of Pale Blue Light at your Throat Chakra.
As you go, make sure each light is clear and bright before you move on.

If at any point in time you begin to lose track of the Lights from previous Chakras this is OK!

Imagine a ball of Dark Blue-Purple Light at you Third Eye Chakra.
Don’t forget to try and hold the image of the previous Chakras as you go!

With each new ball of light I tend to take 2 or 3 deep, even breaths to focus and give myself time to acclimate to each Chakra being opened.

Imagine a ball of Purple Light at the Crown Chakra.
At this point, spend a few moments visualizing each ball of light at once!

Do not be upset or discouraged if you lost track of a certain ball or balls of light. This has no real effect on the meditation, it just means you need to practice more and enhance your focus & visualization!

As you have now reached the Seventh Meridian Chakra, all of them are now open, balanced and cleansed!

You may feel light, lightheaded or like you’re floating – all of those feelings are perfectly normal and natural.

In the next part of the meditation we close each one back down and those feelings will dissipate!

If you are doing Energy Work or Healing, this point of the meditation leaves you in a great place to have a boost for doing the work.

Don’t forget to close the Chakras down when you’re done though!

Closing the Chakras

Once we have opened each one and taken some time to explore how it feels, it is time to close them back down.

If you do not then you will feel extremely un-grounded and may want to do the cleansing and balancing meditation from last week.

Imagine the ball of Purple Light at the Crown Chakra
See it shrinking down to a pinpoint and disappearing.

Imagine the ball of Dark Blue-Purple Light at the Third Eye Chakra
Visualize this light dimming, and slowly growing smaller until its gone.

Visualize the Pale Blue Light at the Throat Chakra
As with the previous two, let it shrink down until it is gone from view.

Visualize the Green and/or Pink Light at the Heart Chakra
See it shrink, growing smaller and smaller until it too has disappeared.

Imagine the ball of Yellow Light at the Solar Plexus Chakra
Just as with the others, let it slowly dim until its gone from your minds eye.

Imagine the ball of Orange Light at your Sacral Chakra
See it shrinking down to a pinpoint, see it disappear.

Visualize the ball of Red Light at the Root Chakra
As with all the previous ones, let it shrink until its gone.

When I do this, both opening and closing, typically I spend 2 or 3 deep & even breaths at each Chakra & ball of Light.

Just like any new things we start, you may not have great success your first time, and that perfectly fine!

Take your time, go slow & practice often (at least once a day)
The whole meditation only takes a few minutes and it is a huge step in raising your vibration, being healthy and starting your journey as a healer or energy worker.

~John William

There are a few advancements on this meditation, which I will be posting over the next few weeks, so make sure you become familiar with this one before you continue!
Last weeks meditation on Balancing & Cleansing is a great way to end these, and I have more of those if you find they aren’t working for you or want just to try something different.


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