Beginning with Chakras; Enlightening our Soul

Today is the last Blog in this series, we will be taking about a few more Chakras in the future though.

Hopefully by now you have checked out last Friday’s meditation, and been practicing it, I am posting another one tomorrow that will allow you to work with and strengthen your Chakras!

So let’s talk about the final two Chakras I want to discuss for now.


Sahasrara is symbolized by a Thousand-Leaf Lotus Flower

The Crown Chakra, Sahasrara in Sanskrit, is the Seventh & final Principle Chakra!

Our Crown Chakra is located at the top (or crown) of the head.
It is associated with the Nervous System, Pituitary gland, & Pineal gland.

The energy of this Chakra is Spirit, which we discussed in a previous blog about elemental energy, and is connected to the Universe & Higher Self.

Sahasrara is the Chakra that keeps us connected to our Divinity and the Divine.
Whereas Svadhisthana connects us to this world, Sahasrara connects us to everything beyond it!

Violet is the color of the Crown, sometimes envisioned as white or silver, and it is represented by a thousand-leaf lotus flower.

Sahasrara is associated with unity and connections.
Less connected with intellectual knowledge and more with positive feelings towards life.

If our Crown Chakra is healthy we feel connected with our Divine Purity and feel whole. It allows us to know and practice true awareness, love and feel connected to all beings.
However, when imbalanced, you will feel disconnected from spirit and feel cynical towards things. It can cause you to feel disconnected, closed-minded and bring bouts of obsession.

This is the final and top most Meridian Chakra, and helps us reach a higher level of consciousness & limitless bliss.

Keeping Sahasrara balanced reminds us that we are divine, whole, pure and in unity with the entire Cosmos!

Soul Chakra

The Chakra chart, including the Eight Chakra

The Eight Chakra is known as the Soul or Star Chakra.
Since it is not referenced in too many works or texts, so I do not have a Sanskrit word for this one.

This Chakra is located above the head, although how far varies much from one source to the next.
Associated with the part of the Soul that is eternal and reincarnates, timelessness, and transcendence.

Our Soul or Star Chakra is the energy of our Soul and is connected to universal truth, and the purpose of our Soul. 

The Soul Chakra is that part of us that is unaffected by Death.
Where Svadisthana and Sahasrara connect us to other things & beings the Star Chakra connects us to the other pieces (past lives & the likes) of ourselves.

Gold is the color of this Chakra, for me its a Rose Gold, and it is represented by the Halo you often see in iconography of Saints & Holy People.

Last week I talked about the Hara Line and how it anchors above and below the body.
The Star Chakra is the anchor point above us, connecting us the purest, most divine and completely whole part of our Being.

This Chakra is what we use to access places and information that lie outside of time, such as when we channel a High Power, or access the Akashic Records.
Working with this Chakra is essential for people who want to work with Karma from past lives, or learn more about the truth of their Soul and the purpose for this Incarnation!

This particular chakra can neither be balanced nor imbalanced.
Simultaneously it is both, and yet neither.
It contains all knowledge of who and what we are, who we have been, as well as the potential for all we can become.

When we die this Chakra remains intact, until we reincarnate and it imprints upon our next physical body/vessel.
If we perform energy work to manifest something that energy comes through this Chakra as well!

Another representation of the Eight Chakras

Working with this Chakra can strengthen our connection to our Past Lives and help free us from Karmic Cycles, understand Soul Bargains (I will discuss these later) & anything related to the cycle of Life, Death & Rebirth.

Not too many people talk about the Eight Chakra, mostly because not too many have directly purposely worked with it.
Since learning about it, and exploring it for myself, I use mine all the time; when I channel Guides, Higher Powers, Archetypal Energies or Ancestors & when I access the Akashic Records for Clients.

I am hoping, through this, to help bring awareness of this Eight Chakra to more people, so we can begin working with it and exploring it together!
Any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask or start a dialogue about it!

~John William

I want to note here, that the meditation tomorrow will not include the Eight Chakra, but I do have an addition to it which does include it.
Should you be interested in this, I would be more than happy to include it in a separate Blog or send it to you directly!


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