Beginning with Chakras; Seeing the Truth

Today we discuss the first two Upper Chakras!

Make sure you’ve read Monday and Tuesdays Blogs to catch up with us, if you haven’t; and Friday I am going to post a meditation so you can begin working with & strengthening your Chakras.

Last Friday I gave a meditation and it would be a great idea to be practicing that in preparation!


Visuddha is symbolized by a sixteen-petal lotus flower.

The Throat Chakra, Visuddha in Sanskrit, is the Fifth Meridian Chakra

This Chakra is located at the base of the throat, near the vocal cords.
Associated with the thyroid, esophagus, teeth, the neck, shoulders, cervical vertebrae, our trachea, the mouth, parathyroid gland, vocal cords and arms!

Our Throat Chakra is Akashic or Ether energy (associated with sound) and is connected to all forms of communication, expression and truth.

Visuddha is a big part of our connection to this world, whereas Svadisthana allows us to experience the things around us, our Throat Chakra allows us to interact with that world!

Blue is the color of this Chakra, and it is represented by a Sixteen-Leaf lotus flower.

Visuddha is associated with communicating truth, love and happiness.
The strength of this Chakra is important in determining how positively (or not) we interact with others!

When our Throat Chakra is balanced we can speak and listen with love and not judgement, allowing us to work through disagreements with others.
If it is not in harmony we may talk too much, become manipulative, or spend a lot of time lying. Physically it can lead to sore throats, hoarseness, dental problems, thyroid issues, and neck pain!

It is the first of the top three chakras, the ones that connect us to our divinity & the divine, so we need to make sure it stays in balance – that allows us communicate with love and passion as opposed to judgement!

When Visuddha remains free, we also remain free from the trenches of gossip and spreading negative thoughts and emotions!


Ajna, the Third Eye, is symbolized as a two-leaf lotus flower

The Third Eye Chakra, Ajna in Sanskrit, is the Sixth of the Principle Chakras.

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the center of the forehead.
It governs the pineal gland, imagination, memory & vision.

Energy connected to the Third Eye is Light and it is said to be our “sixth sense”.
Ajna is associated with the subconscious and intuition!

Ajna is the insight into our mind, and into the Universe we are a part of.

Along with Svadisthana is a huge part of our intuition!

Purple or Indigo is the color associated with this Chakra, and it is symbolized as a two-leaf lotus flower.

Ajna is associated with synchronicity, and harmony between creativity & logic.
Through working with this chakra we find balance between the hemispheres of our brain.

When our Third Eye Chakra is balanced then our brain is in balance and we open a deeper form of thinking & intuition.
However, if it is out of balance we may experience anxiety, migraines, depression, high blood pressure, become judgmental, and cause a lack of intuition.

Along with Anahata, this Chakra helps keep our lives balanced.
Strengthening Ajna will also help strengthen any Psychic Talents, or help you discover one you may not have even known you had!

Remember to listen to your intuition & subconscious!

As we are seeing, the Lower Chakras discussed over the past few days keep us connected to this earth, this life and our current incarnation; the Upper Chakras keep us aligned with the divine, our divinity and all past & present experiences.
So it’s important we work with all of them and try to keep them all strong and in sync!

~John William


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