February’s Snow Moon, Surviving the Snowmageddon!

This coming Tuesday, February 19th, heralds the 2nd of 3 Super-moons and will be known as the “Snow Moon”!

(January had the Blood Moon Eclipse on the 21st, and March has one coming on the 21st too)

This will be the “most super” since when it is Full it will also be at its Perigee – the moon’s closest point to the Earth during its monthly orbit, so it will be the largest Super Moon of 2019!

What will this Moon bring to the table for us?

For starters, the month of February is about Growth, let’s remember that.

The Snow Moon will be accompanied by Regulus (the Lion that makes up the Zodiac sign Leo) which will make it flashy, and front & center in out lives!

February’s Super Moon will rise in Virgo, which makes it perfect for Manifestation & starting a new project

This also means it will push us to re-evaluate what may no longer fit in out life; remember that it’s hard to manifest or attract new or better when we’re holding on to old patterns & not making room!

Regulus will be in conjunction with Mars & Uranus
Which rule Aries & Aquarius

The combination here will bring out a rebellious streak, leaving us incredibly sensitive and irritated as this energy builds.

Mercury is also in conjunction with Neptune
This rules Gemini, Virgo & Pisces

Meaning communication will be wonky (not as bad as Mercury Retrograde) because we will be extra emotional & emotional communication is usually tough to work through.

Venus and Saturn are in conjunction as well
Ruling over Libra, Taurus & Capricorn

Again with the fiery emotion & being pushed to work through old things
There’s also potential here for a dark & conflicted head space.

So what does all this mean exactly?

Expect a LOT of conflict & a TON of non-productive actions & behaviors

The advice is to step back, reflect and think.
What needs to change? What needs to go?

Think BIG picture, not small scale things
Where we want to go in life, and what we want to make our dreams come true!

Meditation will be important here, opening up to Guides, Ancestors & the Universe. Let this guide you on where to go & what to leave behind!

Now is also a great time to get a Reading, get some Universal advice on the things to give attention to & work on.

You’re also going to want to think before you speak (like you always should anyways) in this time, especially when dealing with people who are angry or upset!

Don’t react to emotional stimuli this week, do your best to deescalate situations, & don’t forget to breath!

February’s Super Snow Moon means there is a LOT of energy floating around, which is why it’s good for manifestation, but also what’s contributing so much to all the craziness & stress right now!

Leave it to the Virgo to be conflicted, confusing and difficult, right? 

Basically right now, we’re all living in a Congressional Session, and we’re the Senators.
It’s up to us to put small issues & old patterns on a back burner, then work together for a better future & a common good!

What do we do with all of this?

Set an intention.

Let go, meditate or get a reading, and let the Guides, Masters & Ancestors help you decide what to do and where to go from here.

Don’t forget to leave and crystals, stones, power tools and some water out too, to soak up this amazing energy for later!

Today will also be a wonderful day for cleansing, as well as cleaning.
Go to the gym and work out, clear your mind.

Remember to stay positive, especially amidst the chaos (if there is any for you) since that will start to drop off tomorrow.

Stay calm, stay forward and keep moving & growing upwards!

If you’re a Leo or Virgo, this will be extra potent for you!

There’s also some kick to it for Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini, Taurus, Libra or Pisces 
(yes, I realize that’s most of the signs, but Leo & Virgo are most at risk)

Interesting fun fact too, in 2018 the month of February didn’t even have a full moon!

~John William


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