Meditation, Relaxation & making room to Grow!

Today we are going to start using everything we have learned, and I am going to give you a nifty little meditation!

I have used this meditation for years, & have multiple variations of it as well, depending on what I am doing.
It’s one of my two “staple” meditations.

This meditation is for Balance & Cleansing

As with all meditations, sit down and get comfortable.
Hands on your legs, palm up & feet on the floor.

(when you get used to meditating more you can lay down or sit cross legged, but when starting off I recommend siting up in a comfy chair with your feet on the floor.


Begin by calling your attention to your breathing.

Deep belly breaths, in through your nose & out through your mouth.
While doing this, imagine the most brilliant white light begin to surround you!

On the exhale, feel your muscles relax & visualize all the stress of the day & all negative emotions flowing out of you.
Use whatever imagery feels natural, for me it’s often dust or ink.

When you inhale visualize that light flowing into you.
Take your time here, breath deeply & evenly, until you are filled completely with white light!

Now take a few moments & just sit with this feeling.
Experience it and see how wonderful it feels!

The reason we fill ourselves up with the light after we release the negative is to replace the energy. This keeps that “space” from being refilled by more energetic junk.


Now that our Physical Body is full of white light, and we are cleansed and relaxed, let’s take the next step!

The next step here is more visualization work, I use it to help deepen the level of relaxation and increase the energy flow.

The “Tree/Root” Meditation

When you breath out now imagine roots (like a tree), growing out of your spine and the bottoms of your feet, going down into the earth.

After a few breaths, when you have your roots significantly into the Earth, we add another step on the inhale.
As we breath in imagine that beautiful strength, love and life of Mother Earth flowing into us.

This is another place where we want to take our time & go slow.

Our goal here is to visualize our “roots” growing as deep into the earth as possible, slowly making their way towards the core of the planet.

Let the perfect energy of Mother Earth flow up into you and fill you.
Your feet, then your legs, your hips.
Then your abdomen, your chest.
Down your arms, up into your neck.
Over your face and up to the top of your head.

Imagine this energy however you want, for some reason it always seems to me to be warm, and orange-red.
Remember, this energy is pure love, wisdom & strength; as perfect as the Earth Mother, so let it appear to you how it will!

What now?

With all the negative energies gone, strengthened & invigorated (yet still in a state of relaxation) we can take a minute to examine ourselves & our life, see if there’s any target areas we need to work on.

It is also a natural time and place for you to set an intention.
Something like “I am loved” or “I have enough for my needs” works well.

When setting an intention, always try to make it simple, make it personal and worded in the present tense!

The more simplistic the wording, the easier it is for the Universe & the energy to make it happen, and when we word if we word it in the future then “it’s only a day away” (yes I just quoted little orphan Annie) & always in the future, just out of reach.

(when we get to the Chakras next week we can take this step *much* deeper, and I have a nifty meditation just for cleansing and balancing those!)


When doing the cleansing portion of the meditation, if breathing in the white light doesn’t work for you, there are a few ways you can change that.

One is to imagine yourself immersed into running water, or that water is pouring over you.
Sometimes I actually do this in the shower, and use that actual running water to boost the imagery!

Another slight alteration, that’s sort of between the two, is to imagine a ball of white light floating above you (or below you if that feels more natural) that flows into you as you breath.

The important part here is that the light is white, that it fills you up & that you’re relaxing and releasing the negative energies.

The “Root” or “Tree” Meditation also has some extensions & modifications to it, which we will discuss more at a later date with various topics.

It’s my personal daily meditation & the one I use most often!

Personally, I find it to be so adaptable and easy to do that I have made dozens of modifications to it depending on what I plan on doing.
Many of these I will share, and you’re always more than welcome to discover your own!

~John William

These are two basic meditations I have been taught and use.
If you find they really don’t work for you, drop me a line! I have others for these purposes, and I am happy to share them
YouTube also has some nice guided meditations as well, I recommend listening to them all the way through before working with them
(nothing ruins a meditation like an unexpected noise or tone change part way through)