Kundalini & the Hara Line, some of the Last Healing Pieces

Over the last few weeks we’ve been discussing basic, and I keep promising to go further into topics (and I will, I promise!)

But today we have a few more fundamental pieces I want to talk about, since I’ll be referencing them; in upcoming meditations and as terms I’ll use again.

As you can see in the title they are “Kundalini” & “Hara Line”


Gorgeous rendition of Kundalini, with the Chakras

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word, meaning “coiled one” & in Hinduism it refers to a primal form of energy.

It is presided over by the Hindu Goddess Bhairavi.

There are many forms of “Awakening” the Kundalini, including “Kundalini Yoga”, meditation, a form of breath-work (“Pranayama”), many mantras (chants) and a practice called “Asana”

As a concept Kundalini goes back as far as the 9th Century BCE, mentioned in the Upanishads (part of the Vedas, ancient Sanskrit texts that much of Buddhism is centered around)

It begins at the Root Chakra & rises up between the Chakras (coiling between them, like a snake) until it reaches the Crown Chakra.
Upon reaching the Crown it spirals back down, the opposite way (forming a double helix, like a DNA strand) & energetically it represents Yin & Yang.

These upward & downward cycles follow pathways called “Ida” & “Pingala”

A representation of Kundalini rising between the Chakras, stylized with the Aesculapius Wand (a symbol of healing)

The pattern of rise & fall of the Kundalini is also symbolic of many other things, such as the descent of the God from the Goddess & then her journey to reunite with him. Also creation coming forth from the Primordial Force & then humanities rise back up in enlightenment.

It represents balance, as two things become one!

Kundalini is our Life Force, also known as Ki (like Rei-Ki) or Chi.

When we have a healthy life and body this energy flows unhindered, likewise if we are sick we can alleviate many of the symptoms by cleansing this energy!

Hara Line

Artist image of the Hara Line

Hara is a Japanese word meaning “Abdomen”

The “Haric Level” serves as a sort of foundation for the Aura.
It is here where intentions are formed, held & housed (sort of like a source for our life’s purpose) and is also known as “the seed of creativity”

The “Hara Line” extends from the core of the earth to above the head & Crown Chakra. Along this line there are three important points.

  • Above the Head – known as the separation point where our soul Incarnated into this life. This point harbors our souls reason for being in this life (Our Soul Deal) and is known as the “Soul Chakra”
  • Upper Chest – specific to our emotional body & is the source of passions, longings and our life purpose. Referred to as the “Soul Seat”
  • Lower Belly – below the navel, this is the center of our Will. Called the “Tanten”, here we find the power to enforce our intentions!
“Soul Chakra” is the 8th Chakra, not normally used or discussed.

When we get to the Akashic Records (which will be it’s own week long discussion) I will get into detail about this.

Reading the Akashic Records is the newest Modality I am exploring, & is a form of healing that will be offered soon!

The Hara Line & Kundalini

This mystical line is what connects our soul to past lives, our current life & body, and the earth itself (where our body both comes from and returns to)

~John William

Today was a longer post than normal, as some of them will be, so thank you for reading all the way through!
As with all of my posts, know that most of these topics will be expanded later; but if you have any questions leave a comment or contact me directly.


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