Chakras & Auras, Just what are they?

We have talked about Meditation & Breathing, now let’s discuss Chakras & the Aura; how they fit in with this & why we should know about them.

Next week I will talk about each Chakra in detail, so we can learn how to work with (as well as on) them to enhance our lives!

Chakra is a Sanskrit word, meaning “wheel” or “disc

The 7 Meridian Chakras

“Chakras” are energy points in the body!

They are points in the body where energy pools
There is one at every joint, nerve cluster/bundle, & the tip of each finer/toe.

Most of us focus on the Seven Prime or “Meridian” Chakras.
(These are the ones I will be discussing next week)
But there are dozens of them throughout the body!

Each of these “Meridian Chakras” has a specific color associated with it, corresponds to certain part of the body/body system & an aspect of our life!

Basics of the 7 Meridian Chakras and what they correlate to!

These energy points can accumulate “junk energy” as we go about our lives & daily business. Overtime this can build up & throws the Chakra out of alignment and off balance.

If left out of sync we begin to suffer from & experience ill effects in our physical body and emotional states!
(that also works in reverse, being sick or having an ailment will throw-off the chakra associated with that body part/system)

Meditation (see, that word just won’t leave us alone – how rude!) is one of the best ways to monitor & cleanse our Chakras!
(same with the aura which we cover below)

Reiki is also a highly effective method for maintain good Chakra health too

The Aura is the energy field that surrounds the body.

Interesting rendition of an aura I found!

Its sort of like an energy signature that we project.
Learning how to read an aura (another topic we will talk about in the future) is a very basic and useful skill!

Our Auras project a lot of information about us to world, something most people are very unaware of.
Including, but not limited to

  • emotional state
  • health problems
  • thought patterns

When our Aura is projected too far (or not far enough) we also can experience physical complications.
It also makes it much easier to pick up other peoples “garbage” if it’s out there too far & brushing into everyone else’s energy.

Different traditions teach us that are various levels of the aura, & what each corresponds with (as well as how far they project out) varies with each path.

Through regular meditation it is easy to monitor the “health” of our chakras and aura. When these are healthy it becomes easier to maintain proper physical health as well.

In the very near future I will be giving you a meditation that focuses on Monitoring, Balancing & Cleansing the Aura & Chakras. Make sure you keep an eye out for it!

For now I am leaving it as these basics.
What they are, and that is very important we know what they are & how they can affect us!

~John William
Reiki Master & Independent Teach


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