Meditation. Not a Fad, but a Way of Life!

Last week we talked about the foundation & basic building blocks of energy work.
This week we are going to start talking about the next step(s), learning how to meditate & focus yourself to start working with them!

“You should sit in meditation every day, unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour”

-Old Zen Saying

There are countless benefits to daily meditation

Some of the basic benefits of meditation daily!

Meditation can be incredibly easy and simple, it does not have to be a complex visualization or lengthy process.
In fact, often the best meditation sessions are the short & sweet.

On top of the Spiritual aspects of meditating (because it’s so much more than old men sitting around a mountain top wearing strange robes) there are numerous mental, emotional and physical benefits & reasons to meditate as well!

Remember that our Four Bodies (will discuss in-depth in the future) are all linked and connected to each other.
(the Four Bodies are Physical, Mental, & Spiritual; and they coexist and are codependent on one another)

In the days and weeks to come we will explore some basic meditation patterns and begin to learn how to start this incredible & life altering experience.

But today is about why not how.

Even the Mayo-Clinic, one of the world leading medical facilities, promotes Meditating!

Meditation may offer many benefits, such as helping with concentration, relaxation, inner peace, stress reduction and fatigue.
Research has found that meditation may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. When combined with conventional medicine, meditation may improve physical health.

For example, some research suggests meditation can help manage symptoms of conditions such as insomnia, heart disease, pain, cancer and digestive problems.


For more from the Mayo-Clinic check out this link!

A lot of healing, energy work, & psychic talents stem from meditation as well. It helps us learn to slow down, focus, align with the universe, raise energy, & just about anything else you can imagine to do!
It is beneficial both in immediate situations as well as part of a life-long practice.

“The Mind is Everything! What you Think, you Become!”

-The Buddha

So this is the next step on our Garden Path, soon we will start zeroing in on the pieces of successful mediation (I am hoping to even upload a guided meditation for you guys to follow) and get right into it!

There are many other benefits and positive things to be gained from Meditation, which will come up as we discuss techniques & when we get into future topics as well.
Get ready to hear about meditation a lot from now on…

~John William

As always, if you feel like anything is missing or doesn’t make sense (or have any questions in general) feel free to jump over to the Contact Us Page and shoot me a message (or leave a comment)


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