So, what’s the next step on The Garden Path?

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift (that’s why we call it present).

Over this last week I touched on the basics of Energy Work, the basic basics.
(Don’t worry, we’ll come back and take another look at them on a deeper level later.)

Cool rendition of the Four Elements
Earth, Water, Air & Fire
Which we just discussed!

I wanted to introduce them in a simple way now, having the basics in their own place to look back in the days to come.

The Ancestors encouraged me to start at square one, for those of you who haven’t ever walked this path before; and a chance to revisit what may have been forgotten by more experienced individuals.

Makes me think of an episode of the Green Lantern cartoon from when i was a kid.
He goes back to Lantern Corps and tries to help the new generation learn to control the power rings, and finds some of them able to do what he couldn’t.
Hal had forgotten the very basic concepts, and relearning them made him even more formidable!

So what comes next?

There are a lot of logical and simple steps we could take on the path from here. But, deciding where to go was easy; I just looked for the signs and the Universe was happy to provide them.

Meditation is going to be the next basic topic I cover. (talking about various methods of meditation and the benefits of meditating)
We will explore a few basic meditations I use and/or have modified for other things, and talk about why it’s important to meditate regularly!

For those of you who follow my Facebook of Instagram (@gileadreiki) you know my theme for this year has been “Growth” (which is why I chose to start a blog and grow my business this year!)

Well, Meditation is a hugely successful tool in learning to grow, and grow properly. It aligns us with the Universe and raises our vibration!

“Life is Change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely”


We will also be talking about the Chakras and Auras in the next two weeks.
(two very interesting topics that we will return to and touch on a lot)

I know it seems like we’re going slow (I did talk about slow growth in my first blog) but I promise it will pick up as we go along this path together!

In my experience, making sure the foundations are laid well and solid is the best way to ensure success; and never hesitate to ask for further information on a topic (or tell me if I am going too fast, if you don’t understand something, or feel like something is missing)

I also want to note that blogs will most likely be Monday – Friday. Trying to spent the weekends with my husband, since that’s his time off (it’s also family time, taking care of the bees, getting my Ministerial work done and the dreaded errands/housework).
That being said I am always available (unless I’m asleep, but who does that, right?) for questions or comments!!!

~John William

I apologize that today’s blog was late!
Had an invite to audition to be a guest blogger for a huge site and wrote that piece yesterday, so I wrote today’s blog now, as opposed to the day before.
*Fingers Crossed* it would be a huge opportunity to write for them as well as myself!
GROWTH baby!


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