The Spirit of Life within Us All

I spoke earlier in the week about how all of the Elements combine to form a Fifth Element. We call that Spirit, and we will be discussing that now!

“It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of The Spirit”

-J.R.R. Tolkien

A recap of the Four Elements, including Spirit, which is the combination & center of them all

Every element is represented by certain things, and also corresponds to certain aspects of Nature and Energy Work.
Spirit encompasses all of them, as it is a combination of all of them, although it does have its own distinctions as well!

  • Air is typically shows as Purple.
  • This energy represents the harmony and balance of all things!

Some Cultures show Spirit as White or Silver.

It is often explained as the Divinity each of us contain, and since we are all a combination of the Four Elements Spirit is the Element of Life Itself.

This element is what keeps us balanced and it represents the life within our body & soul our all levels of our consciousness.

Spirit is about Harmony in Nature and between all living beings, and when we honor ourselves and each other this bond grows and our connection to Spirit grows Stronger.

Energy work done with this element tends to be about finding ourselves, guidance, healing our spirit or contacting Guides, Higher Powers and/or the Ancestors. When working with Spirit it tends to be “bigger picture” things.
Its reaction speed relies on our balance, the strength of our intention & conviction as well as how open and ready we are to receive it!


I have now laid the basic foundation for all energy work, and yes I *DO* realize how basic some of this is. Hopefully I haven’t lost or bored any readers yet! In the weeks to come we will begin to explore working with the elements, and the basics of meditation and how to form Energy Work!


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