Energetic Wellsprings, Healing Waters of Life

Water is about compassion, and teaches us to go with the flow (tacky I know, but I couldn’t resist)
There is a reason why in many traditions and pantheons springs have magical healing properties!

“Water is fluid, soft and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: whatever is soft is strong.”

-Lau Tzu

A beautiful drawing of Water with it’s Alchemy Symbol

Every element is represented by certain things, and also corresponds to certain aspects of Nature and Energy Work.
Today we are going to discuss those aspects of the Water Element!

  • Water is typically shows as Blue
  • The season of Air is Fall and its is typically thought of as Cool and Feminine.
  • It’s direction is West
  • This energy represents Emotions & Reactions, the natural effect of what has been manifested.
  • Time of day is Dusk

Some traditions show Water as White, Gray, sometimes Green!

It is agreed upon though, that it is where Emotions, Healing, and most Feminine comes from. That is why so many myths and traditions have a goddess appearing and leaving behind a healing Spring, and why the Lady in the Lake (guarding the Sword Excalibur) is in water!

This element is what keeps us balanced, insulated and fresh, just like taking a shower (but for the soul). We are made up almost entirely of water, as is our planet; so it’s no wonder its shown as one of the Four Key Building Blocks!

When we drink, it helps us cleanse our systems, stay alive and be revitalized. This is why the Western Element is associated with healing, rebirth and emotions.

Energy work done with this element is different than the others, it completely depends on how you’re using it. It tends to run on cycles, like the tide itself and follows a Lunar Cycle same as the Sea!
Most healings don’t happen overnight, as most true sicknesses don’t develop that quickly either; but when used for cleansing it can be very fast (like take a quick shower after the gym)

Many of the Healing talents are born of this element, and emotional balance is a necessary piece to healthy living.


So as you see, every element has pieces that are unique as well as those that overlap. Tomorrow we will discuss the final element, Spirit.
I also want to note that I have been talking about basic correspondences, but each element also has a High & Low (good and bad, light and dark, etc.) aspect as well – which we will talk about in the future (or message me/comment and we can discuss it now too!)


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