Energetic Incandescence, The Flame of Desire

Today we discuss my favorite of the elements, Fire!
I am an Aries, which is the Cardinal Fire Sign, so I identify with this one very deeply.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a Fire to be kindled.”

– Plutarch

A beautiful drawing of Fire with it’s Alchemy Symbol

Every element is represented by certain things, and also corresponds to certain aspects of Nature and Energy Work.
Today we are going to discuss those aspects of the Fire Element!

  • Fire is typically shows as Red.
  • The season of Fire is Summer and its is typically thought of as Hot and Masculine.
  • It’s direction is South
  • This energy represents Action & Physical Manifestation, Creation & Doing
  • Time of day is Noon

Some traditions show Fire as White, a few as Orange or Yellow.

Usually viewed as Masculine (The Sun is typically the God) a few Deities break this, notably Brigid and Bast. Both are Solar Goddesses (as opposed to the typical Lunar) and represent by the flame and hailed as incredibly powerful!

It is agreed upon though, that it is where true Passion and Desire come from, it is the Flame of Creation and the Light of the Sun.

This element is what keeps us motivated, energized and empowered, just like the Sun keeps us warm, lights our way .
Humans need warmth and sunlight to live, we use fire to cook our food, and it is a piece of the Divine Spark within each of us!

When we breath we fill our lungs with air, it allows our brain to function and gives us the ability to speak. This is why the East Element is associated with communication and messages!

Energy work done with this element tends to be quick and can be permanent, or not, depending on what you’re doing.
It can be the fleeting light of a candle, until its extinguished, or the tragedy and ruins left after a fire (not all fires are bad, forest fires bring new life to a forest and it’s necessary to burn the seeds of Sage for it to grow!)

Much of the work done with Fire involves transformation, and change.
It can be used for healing, to lend power to other Energy Work, a lot of Cleansing Rites and for protection.


As you have seen in the last Blogs, there are a lot of things associated to each element, and more even then I have listed (things we will learn about in days to come!) with these writings.
Many traditions have different concepts and ideas about them, but true Energy Work is about finding what best resonates with you!


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