Energetic Flow, the Breath of Life within Us

As I mentioned yesterday, I prefer to begin teaching with the Earth, but many traditions begin with Air, which is today’s topic.

“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body your thoughts.”

Thich Nhat Hanh
Vietnamese Monk

A beautiful drawing of Air with it’s Alchemy Symbol

Every element is represented by certain things, and also corresponds to certain aspects of Nature and Energy Work.
Today we are going to discuss those aspects of the Air Element!

  • Air is typically shows as Yellow.
  • The season of Air is Spring and its is typically thought of as Warm and Masculine.
  • It’s direction is East
  • This energy represents Thoughts, Ideas, & Conceptions. It is the beginning of new things
  • Time of day is Dawn

Some traditions show Air as Red, a few as Orange, sometimes even Purple!

It is agreed upon though, that it is where all things begin, as The Sun Rises in the East & Sets Upon the West. This is why many traditions begin here.

This element is what keeps us inspired, thoughtful and cleansed, just like the air we breath allows us to live, speak and communicate.

When we breath we fill our lungs with air, it allows our brain to function and gives us the ability to speak. This is why the East Element is associated with communication and messages!

Energy work done with this element tends to be fairly quick but not permanent, much like a Spring Breeze.
Many of the Psychic talents are born of this element, and breath-work is a key piece to many healing works and almost all meditation and focusing.


I prefer to begin teaching with the Earth for stability and wisdom, but typically energy work starts in the East for the enhancement of beginnings and inspiration. So either is perfectly acceptable and I recommend trying both in various settings and see which resonates more strongly with you!


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