Energetic Bedrock, the World Beneath Our Feet

Many traditions begin with the element of Air, which I will be discussing tomorrow, but I have always preferred to teach beginning with the Earth.

Once I have covered the basics of all of the elements, we will begin to explore working with them, and using their energies.
So stay tuned for the next few days for the next set of blogs!

For dust you are and to dust you shall return.

A beautiful drawing of Earth with it’s Alchemy Symbol

Every element is represented by certain things, and also corresponds to certain aspects of Nature and Energy Work.
Today we are going to discuss those aspects of the Earth Element!

  • Earth is typically shows as White or Green.
  • The season of Earth is Winter and its is typically thought of as Cold and Feminine.
  • It’s direction is North
  • This energy represents Wisdom, Power, Strength, Integration & Understanding
  • Time of day is Night

Some cultures, such as the Ancient Egyptians, visualize the color as Black (the Correllians do as well). To them Black Earth was fertile and good for planting. (Egyptians also show the Earth as Masculine & had a Father Earth and a Mother Sky)

Occasionally it is even seen as yellow!

This element is what keeps us grounded, focused and stable, just like the ground beneath our feet.

When we die we are buried in the earth (most of us, anyways) and so it also represents the power & wisdom of the Ancestors who went before us.

Energy work done with this element tends to be slow and rather permanent, much like the changes of the Earth herself.
Healing, Warding/Protection, & many Cleansing works are done with earth energy.


Please, remember that this is the information as I was taught or found to make sense, what resonated with me and my path. Many cultures and traditions have their own variations, and you’re free to explore those and find what fits with you (although I think many of you will find that this does!)


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