Energetic Foundations; a Brief Introduction to the Elements

These are the Four Elements I was taught
& The ones that I work with;
Although they vary from one culture to the next in many ways, which I will cover in future posts!

I was stuck on where to begin with real post content, so I decided to ask my Ancestors for guidance. I opened up this book I bought months ago called The Illustrated Signs and Symbols Sourcebook an A to Z compendium of over 100 designs (available at Barnes & Noble) written by Adele Nozedar.

Great handbook! (I flip it open to random pages from time to time when I need inspiration). So I happened to open to the first page of a new section and the first line is…

It doesn’t require a great amount of imagination to suppose the very first “Symbols” that our Ancestors noticed – and tried to analyze- were the natural features around them.

The Illustrated Signs & Symbols Sourcebook
An A to Z Compendium of over 1000 designs

So I’m taking the answer as “start at square one”,
since this particular section of the book discusses the
most basic pieces of the puzzle.

So today will a very brief overview of the Elements & energy work and next week we will explore them, individually, in-depth

Whether it’s Reiki, Divination, Warding, etc. this is a fabulous place to start.

The Four Elements

Earth, Air, Fire & Water
These are The Four Elements
And Spirit when all bought together (kind of like A, E, I, O & U but sometimes Y)

Alone each has its own power, meaning and correspondences; together they represent the Foundation of our world and all energetic workings. When they come in Harmony they form the Fifth Element (insert corny movie joke or quote here) of Spirit, which I will be discussing later as well.

It is Important to note that from one culture, pantheon and tradition to the next some of these change, so I am going to teach you how I was taught, but I will also discuss how some of the pieces vary from one teacher to the next.
Ask 5 energy workers a question and you’re likely to get 6 different answers, so hopefully what I share resonates with you and your path!

Each is a key piece to a different type of Psychic power, every individual element has its own massive power for energetic workings. There is so much potential, wisdom and force behind each piece on it’s own. It won’t be hard to write a blog every day about them; and its the building blocks we need to get into the more interesting topics later (although I will always find even this to be incredibly fascinating!)

Quick piece of wisdom that I will share with you, one of the most helpful things that was ever said to me, “take what resonates with you and leave the rest and find something that fits in its place”

One of the most beautiful things on this path, if it doesn’t speak to your soul, then you move on, and nothing is ever forced!
There’s always more than one way to do thing

So next week I am going to discuss the elements, one by one, each day.
Stay tuned and never hesitate to ask me any questions about anything I posy, and don’t forget to share with others the things to resonate with you!

This is a topic I have spent half a life-time learning and re-learning, and something I could (and will) talk for days about; and this is about the fourteenth time I have re-written this entry. I keep finding myself rambling and sharing very little real information but still having written a book.

So I am hoping this format is a better way to share more information in a readily understandable and digestible way!

The Four Elements, in Harmony, as One!

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