How to begin Learning to Grow

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we know that’s true. But it’s more than just the actual city that took a while to build, more than the buildings and structures.
The culture, politics, mindsets, philosophies, etc. all took time to develop and catch on as well!

My talents took me nearly three decades to embrace, learn and develop; and I am FAR from done… the businesses are growing slowly as well, and the blog is just the newest piece of that! And I am totally OK with slow growth, because it’s still growth!!!

Mother Nature takes a long time to make changes and get things done (unless she gets angry and goes on a destructive path, as we’ve seen a lot lately) so why should I be any different? Especially since I am trying to grow and build from love, not destruction.

The part I struggle with is that why slow growth is comfortable, in order to truly grow we must leave our comfort zone. Trying to learn and grow, without overwhelming yourself, now that’s the key, and something I am slowly (there’s that pesky word again) getting better at everyday!
Patience, after-all, is a virtue, right?

As my Grandfather is fond of saying to me (often, might I add) “good judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement” and the gods know how true that is.
Made a lot of mistakes with every thing I have ever started and done, be it bad suppliers, bad choices in business partners (I can’t tell you how many times I have been screwed over by people), falling for scams, or mistakes in making a new product line with Balms of Gilead.

But every mistake has truly taught me a lesson, and brought me one step closer to what I want.

“It’s not a mistake if you learn from it” and “It’s not a mistake if you do it twice” are two of the motto’s we live by in our lives here.

This is especially true in business practice and with energy work!

One of my favorite things to talk about (beside everything, I really never shut up, hubby says I even talk in my sleep) is energy work, and healing.
My goal is to make that a primary focus on this blog, and look at the spiritual aspects of life and everyday things. I explore a *lot* of this topic over at A Touch of Gilead too, where we also offer help as a mentor, through classes & workshops, and posts on the topic!
I will also be talking about the bees, and the lotions a lot as well, but even with them there’s some serious overlap. At least for me…

Well that seems like enough rambling for today.
“What was the point of this blog?” I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves that at this point, and thank you for sticking with me.

The point of this blog was to tell you that good things happen in good time, when we have earned it and when we’re ready for it!

Over the days and weeks to come I want to talk about my journey, and how I came to be here and where I am and start sharing some of the basics I learned many years ago
The best way, for me, to learn is to share and re-learn, that’s how things really sink in; so this is helpful and therapeutic for me also!

This is the secret to change, which is necessary to learn and grow, and this is the wisdom I wish to impart to you in this rambling post!

Still haven’t decided how often I will post, and it may be random and sporadic, we’ll all just have to wait and see how/when the inspiration strikes and I find things to write about! (I say that like I ever run out of things to say…)
Don’t forget to check out our pages, ask questions or make inquiries about learning more, and never hesitate to tell me what you want to hear more about guys!!



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