An Exciting New Journey, for Us to Share

For many years, like most of you, I have struggled to work underneath other people, constantly looking for something meaningful and fulfilling, but that also pays the bills.

I am still looking for all the pieces to the puzzle but, one day at a time, I am getting closer!

Interpreter, Medical Professional, and Teacher; I love to play video games, crochet, write and read, as well as binge watch Netflix series, play with the dog and spend time with my friends and the other half.

It was about a decade ago I began my journey in Reiki and really working with energy (took the opportunity to discover I’m talented reading the cards too) I love the concept and history of the practice, and I can’t shut up about it to anyone who will listen. I also deeply enjoy inter-religious dialogue but that (along with politics) are usually topics most people don’t want to talk about…

But without being another con-artist or working at another practice (I tried that as well, that’s an adventure for another blog) it’s very hard to make money with those talents.
So I sat down and went back to the drawing board.

After a lot of reading, discussing with friends and family, internet research and deliberation, I launched my own business, hand crafting all natural beauty products and broke off into amateur photography (Andrew James Photography)
I work for myself and its absolutely incredible, but it was missing a few things.

Money for one, starting a business isn’t cheap or easy and cameras are expensive. And while it was absolutely amazing to work for myself and set my own hours (and work from anywhere) I was still missing a key point, I missed working with people.

I taught Reiki classes, as well as some workshops on mindfulness, meditation and other energy techniques (and I still do upon request) and it was wonderful; but the market around my area for that is a strange mixture of saturated and disinterested. Rent was horrifically expensive and I wasn’t making enough to warrant it, so back to the dreamboard I went.

Husband and I decided to take a trip to the Big E this past fall and I joined a bee-keeping association and recently bought my first hive and NUC of bees (which I will be discussing in it’s own blog as that journey develops)!

That’s when my cousin started messaging me about how she wanted to start Blogging, something I thought was dead except for the click-bait articles or BuzzFeed. Amazon Kindle showed me a ton of books about the topic, so I bought a few and started reading; YouTube has hundreds (thousands?) or videos and channels devoted to helping people start.

It all came crashing together, the missing piece! I can write about all the things I am passionate about and have spent a lifetime learning and perfect, I get to write, teach and interact with people again (to an extent) and its perfect!!!

So here I am, my name is John and I run Balms of Gilead (all natural, chemical free beauty and skincare products) and it’s sister company A Touch of Gilead (which I chose for the domain name here, and is the Reiki and spiritual components of my life)

Now I get to combine all of the aspects of my life I love the most, around my own schedule and anywhere I am since Andrew and I regularly go traveling, take day trips and try new things. So I hope you all come to love this blog as much as I already do, and don’t forget to check out the companies on Facebook (websites will pop up as soon as I figure that particular demon out)


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